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  1. That's why everyone brings up BIM
  2. Fall In Line, it's a fucking anthem
  3. I think they're both generic and not memorable but they're boppable
  4. WhosThatBoy


    I strongly recommend Ray of Light. If you are into 80s music listen to True Blue, it's a masterpiece. BTW I love how Madonna and Lady Gaga stans usually hate each other but in this forum we love and appreciate both.
  5. WhosThatBoy


    She only has shares. I don't really understand how all of this works, but I think it's not as bad as having millions of dollars stored without paying any taxes.
  6. I'm so here for this! This bitch is starting a new era on us with all these outfits and a new song and Joanne era hasn't evenn ended omg queen
  7. WhosThatBoy


    It's good until it starts with all the "she's not me and she never will be". From there, there is absolutely no reason not to skip to the next song. Same with Candy Shop when the male rapper starts singing.
  8. Wait was the tracklist of ASIB soundtrack revealed? I mean what the fuck?
  9. I really want to hear this album. Both released songs off Reputation are outstanding. Many people are not really into it, but my favorite parts are the LWYMMD chorus and the rap parts of Ready For It.
  10. She looks beautiful as always, just tired. She had some surgery on her lips before ARTPOP era, which looks great on her. She needed no surgery anyway.
  11. Voted yes, since wavy hair is a type of curly hair.
  12. I love this! I think she will go back to her artistry during ROL-COADF with this album. But that thing about her <2not knowing who will be the President when her album comes out" makes me think we'll have to wait for years.