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  1. I was an active member here for a significant time but then if I remember correctly, there was a reset at some point where everyone's posts were deleted and it was never the same after that. This had to be like 4-6 years ago. But I remember the early days fondly
  2. I really liked the premiere, I think it'll be a great season. The characters seemed interesting.
  3. It's the same exact format as BBUS. HOH, Veto, house eviction, etc. The biggest difference is probably that BB Canada is somewhat more twist-dependent and also seems to be edited a little more. Their evictions claim to be "live" but they actually tape a few hours beforehand. Another difference is they give out much more alcohol in Canada, but recently the live feeds have been cut every time they're given a lot of alcohol.
  4. I love BB Canada and have seen every episode just like BBUS, but NO it is NOT better than BBUS, don't even try it. BBUS is Madonna, BBCAN is Ariana Grande. Both great but one is way more iconic and powerful. This past season of Canada sucked. Worst season. I was so bored, and I never get bored with Big Brother. If Maddy and Olivia won more comps and if Veronica lasted longer it would've been much better. Seasons 2 and 5 are ICONIC though, absolutely. Those seasons were absolutely fantastic, some of the best North American BB ever.
  5. The snippet she posted sounds so powerful!! We love a good ballad.
  6. I really don't want an EP, I want an ALBUM bitch!!
  7. Kim Petras sounds like Charli XCX on her verse in "Unlock It" Kim also sounds like Avril Lavigne throughout her feature on Lil Aaron's song "ANYMORE" Selena Gomez sounds like Charli on the chorus of "Same Old Love"
  8. If Tyler won, I'd have to give it up to him. He's not a total asshole and he's played a phenom game for himself. I just want him to earn it a LITTLE more instead of it just happening. I need him to get put on the block and maneuver his way to staying a few times. He needs to face some opposition and prove that he can get out of sticky situations, instead of just keeping himself in a clean situation. You know what I mean? I need some underdog thrown into his storyline.
  9. I'm soooo excited, Avril is really gonna serve us a meaningful hit and my mom had Lyme Disease years ago so hopefully it makes people like my mom proud too
  10. I like your thoughts, you're reasonable to discuss with. Not crazy like some people on Twitter (and even here I guess). I didn't know Janelle and Beau are friends! I honestly haven't seen anything about him ever.
  11. @neonnights Did you call the Friendship alliance dumb? They're one of the smartest alliances ever. At least Maggie is super intelligent. She convinced Howie to nom his own allies which really set the Friendship up to go further than they might have otherwise. And there's a reason they made it to Final 2. Don't get me wrong, I didn't root for them and Janelle is queen, but dumb the Friendship was not. (Don't take offense to this, it's not shade, I'm just responding) omg that Jennifer story What a fucking slut I knew most of this tho, I've heard the stories. They were definitely mad unlikeable ugh. When April said "The fans that watch this show are all pieces of shit" Dr. Will said on BB2 that he had no empathy for his patients and would basically treat them like shit and no one says anything about that so honestly I choose to just judge them for their existence in the game and not in their outside lives.
  12. Best scripted show ever. Underrated for its intelligence. It never got BAD, people's attention spans just suck. Season 6 was probably the slowest season tho, besides the finales/premieres.
  13. @neonnights Yasss Janelle is TOO ICONIC. She served MOMENTS all season long and then again on All Stars. My fav players ever have to be Janelle, Alison Irwin, Dan, Daniele Donato, Keesha, Shelby, and Vanessa. There's plenty of others I really love too but I'll keep it at that.