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  1. What ever happened to you sis? Dont see u here anymore, are u good? :wendy6:

    1. CoryisaCunt


      I took a break from here because I was becoming so awful. 


      My New Years Resolution is to be a nicer person :keshaeducation:

  2. I don’t know what a Cardi is? I only know ARTISTS. does she have any released music out? maybe nicki can give her a shoutout and boost her sales.
  3. his appearance has nothing to do with his talents.
  4. is that where Gaga took that photo with her since she’s always down there
  5. and you actually think Gaga has any talent besides trying to make coin off the LGBTQ+ community you “straight” boy lol.
  6. the point literally went over your head lol. I’m not surprised tho, it seems to always do that.
  7. I guess it’s a talent, or obsession, that you STILL are concerned with her and still in her threads if she is a talentless artist, as you so much like to say. I guess her talent would be relevancy since y’all like to talk about her all the time
  8. so only one person can posses those talents? they specifically asked about Kesha’s talents and I listed 2 if them. idk what those guys have to do with anything... is Beyoncé the only person with the talent to dance? no is Ariana the only person with the talent to sing? no.
  9. he judges a lot of people, especially based on their appearances.
  10. she can actually write her own songs and she can also perform without gimmicks or breaking her hip and canceling her tour.
  11. oh so you changed the rules on calling her s fridge outside of SYG? or are you just being a hypocrite? lmao this is why I haven’t been here, y’all are hypocrites. WE LOVE TASTE!!!