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  1. Have any famous people blocked you?

    Calvin Harris blocked me
  2. COP's Hot 100 Most Iconic Members Countdown

    I voted you so Ill be waiting for my vid (I even have my own videos for trade )
  3. What are your thoughts on remixes?

    I buy them if they’re from my fave. but generally it’s 50/50 I like 2/3 of the praying and woman remixes and I like both of the LTLG remixes so they can be cute.
  4. Elton to be Feted in Grammy Salute By Miley Cyrus John Legend, Sam Smith

  5. Rupaul's Drag Race | General Discussion

    I saw this yesterday! I’m still rooting for trixie, she DESERVES
  6. awe you all did so well! (minus one person )
  7. The best girl power duet ever

    I think @Denis Stoff would like this! it’s sooo good
  8. COP Critic - Singles Version - Dua Lipa - New Rules

    10/10 honestly, it’s a great song and it has amazing replay value!
  9. Most likeable COP members

    AWE THANK YOU you too
  10. Celebrity Tattoos (Includes Poll)

    exactly! lol. I love it (even tho it’s fading because I wash my hands so much ). but everyone always ask about it!
  11. Celebrity Tattoos (Includes Poll)

    I wouldn’t get a face tattoo or anything but I have a little dollar sign on my left hand just like Kesha lol. and I would get some of her lyrics too.
  12. Charli XCX | Pop 2

    I already preordered this damn mixtape but can someone link me to the leak
  13. Pop Music needs a huge gay popstar

    I could honestly be IT. I can’t sing too well but I can dance, perform and act someone manage me correctly