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  1. 45/100. she’s a rising star but not established enough. she isn’t a household name, doesn’t have any memorable, hit singles or albums. it seems like she’s almost there though!
  2. that’s just because she’s an idiot and doesn’t know who she is at 30+ years old lmao. I would say Nicki. people think she’s problematic and attacks other rap girls to try to stay on top but where’s the proof?
  3. idk where it’s from but it’s cute! 9.5/10
  4. I’ll say 65. she’s established and on her way to an icon.
  5. honestly, I’m ready!! I hope it’s true and it comes!
  6. the weather this year has been bipolar it was so hot yesterday but it’s actually pretty nice out today so it’s comfusing.
  7. i’m so not ready I wanna move it was like almost 90 today and I almost died getting in my car
  8. I dooo but this summer is going to be BRUTAL. I just know it