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  1. I got a new job and a promotion so ive been busy! plus all this kesha stuff has made me weary of coming on because people love to drag her here. her concert was amazing tho!!
  2. literally the same lol. I was NOT getting any sort of excited until I saw the album was already released. I’ve enjoyed Treasure Island tho.
  3. I forgot if I liked them or not, but slay! hopefully you do well.
  4. it literally just depends on skin tone. a bitch can be latino but if they’re dark enough they can say it. my grandpa is afro cuban and was dark. my dad is surprisingly light skinned and I’m medium and my little brother is darker. my brother says the N word all the time and is okay because he looks afro cuban while I look like a regular cubano and would never say it.
  5. nobody since I actually have good taste
  6. I saw this on insta and I literally am still shook. this sounds soooooo great!
  7. the vixen drama was annoying but it was funny watching Ru get dragged I don’t agree with anything that anybody said during this segment. Rupaul needed to read eureka as much as she was coming for the vixen. eureka is still an annoying fat bitch and I hope she breaks her knee again. #teamAquaria
  8. they’re both pop singers so how are they not comparable? Nicki and Cardi aren’t comparable then because Nicki is actually talented. Nicki actually writes her music. Nicki actually has more than 1 flow. Nicki actually has versatility. Nicki is actually the Queen of rap. so how are they comparable? thanks
  9. @Bartier&Bentleys you can downvote this post but not defend yourself? lol. I guess instagram likes only work if it’s in your favor
  10. Kesha is starting her tour in Phoenix today, I can’t wait to see her tonight! :receipts2: 

  11. do you think he made the right choice keeping Kim or should he dump her?
  12. this is great! though, I don’t understand why it’s okay for you to post the forums achievements but Nicki Minaj can’t post hers on her own instagram without you attacking her for it.
  13. you could read her lawsuit against him for an idea and start from there. also, you could read his countersuit and everything.