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  1. Heey bb! How are you doing today? :hug2:

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    2. Dirkje


      Yeah but I wont leave my country. I'll be resting for a week at the Dutch beach and honestly I realy need it. I'm really tired and I feel like I need a break.

      Yeah! I hope people are interested to play! Still working on it though! I love creating new events lol!

      Are you going on vacation this year?

    3. kipperskipper


      oh nice! that sounds lovely! You deserve a break!!

       i need to go to the beach!!

      i havent gone anywhere special though and I only have 1 more month of vacation 

    4. Dirkje


      I wish I could spend some real time with you sis! I really mean that! I love you so much! :heart: