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  1. oh sorry i havent been keeping up with cop lately,im just here for the games
  2. i've updated limitless like twice poor miranda isnt getting her plaques i am 2 weeks behind in updating sales too well at least i know how much each single has sold ww and in each country, i just need to find time to do it.
  3. omg everyone is doing certifications and i havent done in 2 months
  4. Miranda Sings is the new face of Cover Girl Cosmetics!! It looks like Miranda Sings will be making a pretty penny soon, as she has just been announced as the new face of Cover Girl cosmetics!!! The iconic brand has tapped the controversial singer to be the spokeswomen for their company and will collaborate with her to launch a new lipstick line, in order to promoter her highly anticipated upcoming album "Loose Lips"! A spokesperson of Covergirl cosmetics has given us their reasoning on why they chose Miranda: "We believe that Miranda is a perfect fit for our company and brand. She appeals to the masses and has captured the eyes of everyone! She is a very colorful character, and we think this will help the brand expand it's demographic. This is a perfect time for both parties involved, because she is releasing an album this month titled "Loose Lips". Therefore, it is only fitting we have her represent our brand and launch a lipstick line with her. She is known for her iconic lipstick, so we believe giving her a lipstick line is a perfect idea! Little girls and boys love to dress up like her, so why not use a Miranda Sings lipstick from Covergirl! Miranda will be shooting commercials for the company and will be releasing the collection the week of her album release, on March 30th!! Stay tuned!!
  5. Olly Alexander on People TV Talks about Twitter Awards Fashion and if he has a favorite verse on the Swagger Jacker Remix A video interview of Olly Alexander has been posted on the People Youtube channel! Hello! Welcome to People TV, right now we have a super special guest! Olly Alexander is in the house! Welcome Olly! Hello! Thank you for having me! So nice to be here! We are so happy you are here. Now we have a lot to talk about. First off, let's talk about the Twitter Awards this past weekend. You took home 5 wins! Congrats! You also blew everyone away with your Swagger Jacker performance with Nicki, Cardi, and Miranda! I love how the theme is fashion! Thank you! Yeah I had so much fun with that performance! And I had the best night ever! I love fashion so much, that incorporating it into a performance is like the best thing ever haha Well since you love fashion so much, we wanted you to give your opinions about the fashion choices at the TMA's. Can you do it? Oh great, now I am on Fashion Police haha ok I will try. First up: Tinashe Omg love love love!!! I love the shirt dress. It is prim and proper, yet sporty and youthful! She just looks stunning! She is like a princess. Who can top this? Yes! We loved it too! Ok next is Cardi B I love it! She is serving sexy disco dress. I love the cut outs cuz we get to see her legs, and I love the high sleek ponytail. It is hot! Right! She is showing lots of skin too! Ok next one is..Troye! A snack! I love that shirt and Im definitely gonna steal it. Isn't he so cute? He is the cutest. Ok Next up...Miranda Sings? Part of me is like...girl what is you doing? But the other part of me is like...girl did that! It is iconic either way. Like she dressed up as the Twitter Bird at the TMA's I love the caped wings, but the granny pajamas gotta go. I think the pants threw me off too, but we love how Miranda gives odd red carpet looks. Ok, on to her rival: Fergie! Amazing!! She never ages. She is giving Hollywood glam with that hair! I love the sparkle and silver dress! Ok last one: Olly! Hobo Chic! Hahaha no I loved my outfit! People on Twitter made me a meme. They said i was doing the 100 layers of shirts challenge, or it looked like I was wearing a blanket or rug. I thought I was serving. They also called me a muppet. Whatever, I liked it. We loved it too! It was fun and different, and you looked warm! Ok now before you go, we have to talk about Swagger Jacker Jacked Up! I am playing it over and over on repeat! Hahaha can you rap all the verses? No! I am trying. Anyways, we have been getting lot's of fans asking if you have a favorite verse on the Swagger Jacker Remix? Oh wow hahah I see that a lot. The answer is............no! I love them all equally and I stress that in every interview it seems. I didn't ask all three of them to do it to incite some sort of war or rap battle, i asked them because I am a genuine fan of theirs. They all killed the verses, they all brought something different, and i wish I could rap like them hahah So please no more fan wars! Just spread positivity! That's right! They are all great rappers so enjoy all of them equally! Well Olly, Thank you for stopping by and thank you for rating some fashion! Swagger Jacker is out now and so is the remix! Go pre-order Identity and follow Olly on twitter for all of his upcoming projects!! Bye! Bye!!!
  6. Famous Designer Fashion Brands Tweet about Swagger Jacker Remix It appears that luxury fashion brands are loving the Swagger Jacker Remix Some of the most famous and well known fashion brands, such as Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel have tweeted their support and gave the song a shoutout via twitter! Olly has been sticking with his fashion themed promotion, and what better way than to get compliments by huge fashion brands! The music video was very fashion forward, including avant-garde garments and high-fashion looks! So it is only fitting that these companies appreciated the visuals.The song as been making quite the buzz since it's surprise release! It was a shock to all the fans that Olly was even going to release a remix! However, it was even more of a shock when it was revealed that 3 rap queens Nicki, Cardi, and Miranda would all appear on the same song! All three have had beef with one another, either publicly or subtly, so it is still shocking to know they agreed to be on a song together! Either way, it is a fun song and everyone can't stop talking about it! Check out the tweets below!!!
  7. @Cyrus @Ms. Knee come on discord and welcome the new mods :rly:

  8. congrats everyone! Im just surprised at one of the choices
  9. 29/100 She is a falling star. Nothing about her is rising. She has no musical identity, and lacks artistic capabilities. Her albums are commercial mediocrity and she makes generic music that is forgettable. She has not made an impact on the music industry and her career is stagnant and has peaked. She will continue to make sub-par albums with no depth or innovation, and will continue to push for one successful single per era. She will stay in her <100k album trend-following niche.
  10. it's hard out here for a bitch

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  11. Olly Alexander on 97.1 AMP Radio Los Angeles Talks about how his night was at Twitter Awards and New Swagger Jacker collection Today Olly stopped by APM Radio studios in Los Angeles, California to promote his remix of Swagger Jacker! He was all smiles and in a very happy mood! The interviewer asked him about how his night at the Twitter Awards was and his new additions to the Swagger Jacker Collection! Olly on his night at the Twitter Awards It was amazing! Definitely one of the most fun awards shows, and I am certain it will be returning year after year! I love the concept and how it is more interactive, compared to other award shows. Twitter has evolved since it's launch, and it has become a juggernaut in pop culture So it is very fitting for there to be an award show! Anyways, the night was amazing! I got to see so many friends and catch up! I LIVED for Ariana, Sza, and Tinashe's performance. Like I don't think anyone understands howhappy that made me. They need to be a girl group or something. At least make a full album together and give them all the Grammys! I just love them. I also loved Shawn's performance. He always makes me cry. I hate it hahah No but he uses his art for a greater cause, and we really need that. Oh and how can I forget Cupcakke!! Not that Shawn's performance reminded me of Cupcakke's hahaha I just love how fearless she is and how wild she can get. I aspire to be as good of a performer as her. Olly on new Swagger Jacker collection with Converse Well I have been wanting to release clothes as a part of the collection, and it was only fitting that I do it when i dropped the remix of the song! The collection got a remix as well hahaha In addition to the clothes, I wanted to add shoes inspired by my girls Cardi, Miranda, and Nicki! They helped make the song, so it is only fitting that they get a shoe inspired by them! I just love the addition to the collection because it adds more options for the fans, and it reaches a bigger audience and demographic! The clothes are all separates and gender neutral! So they can be worn by anyone, and you can pair them with anything! They have that classic Converse feel and look to them. I wanted them to be fashionable and bold, but I didn't want them to be tack and only appeal to a specific taste. I wanted everyone and anyone to enjoy them, so I stuck with simple designs and color palettes. You got your jumpers, coats, tees, jeans, just your typical clothes but with a fresh twist! I love the color blocked pants! I hope the fans love it as well! The interview ends with Olly signing off the show. The host reminds everyone to purchase Swagger Jacker, pre order Identity, and to buy clothes form the Swagger Jacker collection! The radio station then plays Swagger Jacker the remix!!