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  1. her meltdown was more entertaining than the actual alum. at least something enjoyable came out of the queen era
  2. Olly Alexander on The Jonathan Ross Show (Aug 18) Olly on Touring US before the UK I did see a lot of fans a bit upset about that. I do recognize how that could be a bit of a slap in the face to the UK since the UK is my homeland. However, the reason I am starting out in the US is because I will be there for the next couple months just planning and prepping. It's like everything going into the tour is there so it only makes sense to start there. But that doesn't mean I'm only touring the US. I will be doing a big UK tour, European Tour, i'll go to Australia, South America, and so many great countries across the globe! So please be patient with me!! 2019 will be the year of me traveling and touring! Olly on life at the moment Hectitc!! that is the perfect word to explain it right now hahaah And the perfect word to explain it at most times. I have been traveling doing lots of promotion for my song, prepping for the tour, and lots of other things and projects that will be released/coming out in due time! So everything is really adding up! It is quite overwhelming but i am still so happy nonetheless! Olly performs Vulnerabilities The performance of the song was quite simple due to the limitations of the stage and studio. There was nothing really elaborate or exquisite to look at due to these limitations, however, the performance was still very entertaining nonetheless. Olly really had to rely on his vocals in order to gain some attention, but he definitely delivered on that part! He had on a nice glimmering sequined yellow jacket with matching pants, and when the lights reflected on him it looked so beautiful! He also had two backup dancers that did very slow fluid dance moves that was rather interpretive. Overall it was a nice performance! After the perofrmance the host reminded everyone to buy Vulnerabilities, Identity, and tickets to the Identity world tour!
  3. congrats @japanesedenim! i legit almost sent that look as well. taste!
  4. normani is the only one that has something interesting and meaningful to offer the music industry. camila is just a generic trend chasing label robot
  5. it's his hot white male privilege sis
  6. Miranda Sings on Later with Jools Holland Miranda on Nicki Minaj's Snatching Crowns song and video Looks like I have inspired ANOTHER song from a supposed "queen". Madonna, Britney, Fergie, and now Nicki have all made songs or videos dedicated to me cuz they are so pressed and intimidated by my talents. They know I am above them so they have to use my name for clouds. They just want the same fame and attenchin as me so they use me as a way to get it. I guess I should be flattered. I knew I was influenchil. It's just funny how these "queens" can't do anything original. Plus in the song and video Nicki says she lost her crown. So she knows and admits to losing it....to me!!!! It's not like she ever really had one. But at least she admits I am the queen.My crown stays nice and firm on my head. All I really have to say is go rewatch my Loose Lips video. That video essplains everything! It essplains the truth and how I am the real queen of the game. Miranda on tweets about Nicki Who said they were about her? I never said her name in them. All I said was that I was the real rap queen. All I said is that a real queen would never lose her crown. If people want to take it a certain way then that's their fault, not mine. I;m too busy counting all my records. Remember that I have 5 #1 songs. 3 are from the same album. Plus I have like 8 top 10 hits off the same album as well. That's what a queen does. Call em when a female artist can do that. Cuz I haven't seen anything like that before. Jus saying. Miranda performs Gratitude In this performance Miranda seemed to be fueled with anger and frustration. She wore a sparkling crown on her head. This performance was extra firey and had extra passion. Miranda spit every single word with angst and emotion. It's like she had somehting on her mind throughout the entire performance It's like she was trying to prove how great of a rapper she is She was defintiely giving it her all and not holding back. She added lots of long notes, vibrato, add libs, and dance moves to give the song and performance some extra spice. Miranda was going all in! It's like she was in a rap battle or something. After the performance the host reminded everyone to buy Gratitude and Loose Lips! Then everyone went home with a copy of Loose Lips!