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  1. omg no i doubt it but thanks thats so sweet
  2. omg i didn;t win im a total fad flop!!!!!!! jk
  3. thanks legend! i just voted. let's hope it's for your trio
  4. if it's not a dress that has coral on it then it wont be
  5. Episode 11: Basic Beaches And now there are 9! The competition is dwindling down!! The race is so close! 7 of you have won a challenge and 6 of you have yet to lipsync! It is really anyone's game at this point!! So keep fighting!! Big congrats to Ariana Grindr @Olivia Pope on her first win!! Keep it up cuz you have great momentum! Also congrats to Night Tara @Daydream the queen of Snatch Games! Now this competition has been going strong. Maybe you queens need a little vacation? Where to?? Maybe a beautiful beach, or luxurious resort, or what about a tropical island??? Category is... Tropical Vagaytion It's time to sun those buns hunny and tropic like it's hot There is no more time for basic beaches in his competition. You queens need to go all the wave to stand out For this challenge queens must give a tropical inspired look. It can be inspired by the beach, Carnival, resorts, or tropical islands/countries. here is a site of tropical countries: https://www.hobotraveler.com/tropical/list-of-tropical-countries.php Also, we will be joined by EXTRA-Special guest judge..... Season 1 finalist Karen From Finance @KarenFromFinance Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win! The Lip Sync For Your Life songs are: Cheap Thrills by Sia
  6. Ladies, I've made my decision. The G.C. @IsThatSaraS Jawharra @hammer Condraguations ladies, and remember: "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else!" Can I get an Amen up in here? Now let the music play!
  7. eeeeppp omfg im so scared and shy i will review charli tho!! i have been wanting to give her music a try anyways so this will be a good chance
  8. Lip Sync For Your Life! Two queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a performance of "LGBT by Cupcakke Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me, and save yourself from ELIMINATION! The time has come (cue thunder noise)...for you to lip sync... FOR YOUR LIFE!!  Good luck, and DON'T fuck it up! The G.C. @IsThatSaraS Jawharra @hammer
  9. Miranda Sings on The View Miranda on not performing at Copacabana Fest I was supposed to but my stupid uncle didn't put in my submichin in time!!! I want to fire him so bad but he is the only manager I kind of trust. I haven't been over seas in a long time and I know my Mirfandas really want to see me. But I haven't been able to go yet. This was my only chance and my stupid uncle ruined it!! I wanted to go see France and eat all the French Toast and all the French Fries!! Also I was so ticked off when I saw Debbie sing Bag without me!!! I was tickeddd!!!!!! She cut out my entire part!!! I was so nice and gave her all the free promo and that's how she pays me????? Disrespecfull!!! Miranda on Loose Lips shooting to top 1 It's about freeking time!! I was so ticked it didn't debut in the top 10!! I mean it should debut at #1 but not to have it in the top 10 right away made me feel like Nicki Minach....a total flop!! I never ever want to feel like that again. I thought I would be homeless and hungry. I don't know how someone like her can survive. It must be worse for Britney though since all her songs flop. Anways, I am back in the top 10 where I belong and the Loose Lips legacy is continuing onward!!!! Miranda on Loose Lips music video coming Friday yep it is coming this friday so stay tuned!!! Glue down your weaves and wigs!!!! Also go buy all my loose lips lissticks from cover girl to celibate!!! It will be the best music video and will prolly win me a VMA. Anyways, I am essited to finally premier it and all my mirfandas will be shook! I can't give too much away otherwise it will ruin it so don't even bother aksing me about it!! After the interview the hosts reminded everyone to go buy Loose Lips!!!
  10. Olly Alexander on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Olly Alexander Take Over: Night 2 Plays Password with Miz Cracker and Performs Identity Plays Password with Jimmy, Miz Cracker, and Chris Pratt: Jimmy: It's time to play Password with my pal Olly Alexander who is gonna be here all week in celebration of Identity!! Now let's meet our teams. On team Olly she is the star of Rupaul's Drag Race...it's Miz Cracker!!! Cracker: Hello! My favorite twink!!! Jimmy: Now on my team...he is the star of Jurrassic world...it's Chris Pratt! Chris: Hey Jimmy! Jimmy: Ok Olly you can go first. Pick a card and try and describe it to Miz Cracker! You have 20 seconds. Ready..go! Olly: (card says Granola) Ok ummm you can make it into a bar? Cracker: Umm soap!?! Or Chocolate!?! Olly: No it's like oatmeal. Cracker: Granola??!! Olly: Yes!!!!!! Jimmy: Dang it! You are good! One point to team Olly. Cracker: Well I am a basic white girl so I know my granola. Jimmy: Ok Chirs you better get this! (His card says Bottle). Umm it's something that holds drinks. Chris: A fridge??? A cup?? Jimmy: No. You pour the drink out of it. Chris: A tea pot? A glass? Jimmy: Think wine or champagne! Chris: A jug??? Jimmy: Who has a jug of alcohol? Cracker: I do! All drag queens do! *Times up* Jimmy: Dang it!! It was bottle!! Chris: Why didn't you say portable water carrying device?? Jimmy; That is a horrible description! I am worried for our team. Ok Cracker, it's your turn. If Olly gets it right you win. Olly: No pressure!!! Hahaha Cracker: Ok. (The card says Bow) OOo I wear this in my hair. Olly: Hair spray?? Glitter!! Cracker: No it's something I can tie it with. Or you put on the top of a present. Olly: Ribbon! Cracker: No but very close! A ____ and arrow! Olly: Bow!! It's Bow!! Cracker: Yes!!! Jimmy: Aww come on!!! Well thats the game!! Congrats team Olly and Miz Cracker!! Miz Cracke's new single will drop this Friday and you can go see Jurassic World out now!! Also stay tuned for Olly's performance! Performance of Identiy Olly was dressed in a golden and blue jumpsuit. It was very shiny and unique!! Olly stood at the mic and began to sing. His backup dancers wore these really weird head peaces that were just an eyeball. It covered there entire head. Olly started to sing the song slow and smooth. The first verse is sort of slow and takes a while to build up. But once the melodies progressed, the dancers made their way to Olly. They all stood behind and around him. They did some very intricate arm choreography as Olly just stood there and sang. They would raise their arms up, do monster claws, and rub his face. They even had eyeballs drawn on the palm of their hands and they covered Olly's eyes so it looked like he had drawn eyeballs. The perfromance was very strange and quirky. It may have even been disturbing for some since it was so odd and there was lots of eyeball imagery. But nonetheless it was very entertaining and a well done job!! Jimmy: Wow that was amazing!! Olly Alexander everyone!! Go buy and stream Identity the song and album and buy the new single The Precipice of Happiness! Goodnight and see you tomorrow!!
  11. Miranda Sings on American Idol (June 18) Performs Loose Lips Host: She is one of the best selling artists this year!! Here to perform her new single Loose Lips...welcome Miranda sings!!!! The lights brightened and flashed red! Right away all the dancers started dancing on the stage and the energy went from 0-100 real quick!! Little sparkles shot out and sparks flew as Miranda jumped around and started to rap. She brought the energy and hype right from the start!! It was a bit of a shock but certainly got the crowd going!!!! All around the stage there were Miranda posters and pictures everywhere!!! It was like a funhouse full of Miranda's face!! there were probably hundreds of pictures of Miranda on the stage that varied in size. Her dancers wore purple shirts and red pants. On the first chorus they all danced around the life size posters. They made the same silly faces and poses that Miranda does as part of their choreography. When the next verse came they all split up and half of the dancers went to the left of the stage and the other half went to the right of the stage. Miranda remained in the middle and showed off her rapping skills. She threw her hands around, flipped her hair, kicked her legs out, and did some twists and turns as she sang. When the next chorus came, more sparklers exploded and the lights flashed!! The dancers picked up some of the signs and waved Miranda's big head in the air. Miranda was blowing kisses and pointing to her lips as she sang the chorus. This continued on throughout until the bridge. When the bridge came the lights all dimmed for dramatic effect. Finally when the last chorus came, the red lights all flashed on and more sparks shot out!! It was like big Miranda parade as she sang the last chorus with extra excitement. She added lots of ad-libs and dance moves!! Host: Wow that was the most Miranda thing I have seen!! Loose Lips by Miranda Sings is out now!! Go buy and stream the song and album!! Goodnight!!