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  1. This is such an amazing step! Am so glad that your first experience coming out has been a positive one. Congratulations on starting the journey babe
  2. Chun-Li went the fuck OFF in the club the other night :shookga:

  3. Natalia Kills - Perfectionist 1. Wonderland 2. Free (feat. will.i.am) 3. Break You Hard 4. Mirrors 5. Superficial Natalia Kills - Trouble 1. Television 2. Problem 3. Boys Don’t Cry 4. Saturday Night 5. Trouble
  4. Lmao every girl in the game has ripped off Fefe at some point. The original.
  5. Welcome sweetheart! I saw that Kills name and came running
  6. Camila - i like her a lot but she wasted some killer songs from her album. Dua - boring af. Anne Marie - her label have made her mediocre. i want more ciao adioses. Bebe Rexha - she was better when she débuted back in 2014. seems to have lost her artistic vision due to label pressure. Normani - rainha do pop, queen, etc.. Halsey - meh.
  7. Why can’t we hold both Onika and Belcalis accountable??
  8. I dreamt about raising puppies with Cardi B. You?
  9. Yes. And she'll look amazing doing it, cos black don't crack
  10. Brooke Candy - Paper Or Plastic Neon Hitch - Pink Fields Cassie - Love A Loser Cassie - Don't Play It Safe