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  1. My performance is cancelled seeing as Selena is injured. Please give it to @hilaryduff if he would like it for Maluma
  2. I never said you had to be lyric graphic geniuses. But at least give it a try sometime. It's not really a game or much effort to copy and paste the work of artists for your own success
  3. If you are too lazy to write articles and come up with original concepts, you shouldn't be playing a creative game like CAL
  4. Twitter Awards 'bout to be shook. American $$$ 'bout to make that bling.
  5. SG's lead has been complete. Twitter Awards here we come
  6. now let's focus on truly important things. The slayage that will be soon brought by Selena
  7. Y'all can calm down. It took me 2 freakin years to get the hang of CAL and I'm still not the world's best graphic designer or songwriter. what I would say is challenge yourself to do those things early on. Getting set in your ways as a person that isn't super creative with creating music will make you fall behind and feel dumb. Take the risk, COPCAL has no harms of releasing not so lyrically great music from what ive seen. Not to mention, your success can always rebound with promo
  8. I second this^ Armani is like the only original artist in this sim that isn't rehashing irl music and releasing 20 year old singles to get #1s
  9. Bill Maher doesn't have a performance stage or singers on it. It's a political analysis show
  10. how do I know how much money I start with? I want to book some promotion for when this song drops