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  1. Please come back 😢  Take my hand, stay @Ignacio heaven's not ready for you

  2. RIP baby ❤️

  3. One of the best albums of this decade. She didn't have to snap that hard, who let her?
  4. Girlie deserves it omg. I hope it debuts at #1 or at least second week, there's no other big releases rn.
  5. She doesn't have many judging by her new single's performance on the iTunes Top 100 chart...
  6. Oh they're a mess. They're trying it AGAIN. They'll never stop being delusional.
  7. Yes. I love vodka and champagne, especially Moët Rosé.
  8. I used to be messy and got dragged into drama but now I like to watch from afar. I signed up to drag my faves, not strangers on the internet.
  9. This song is an UNDERRATED GEM. It's probably my fave on MIAM along with You're Mine (Eternal) and Faded. The vocals though, those notes. She SNAPPED.
  10. Honestly, the lack of class and self-respect I've seen from this woman impresses me. I've never seen someone with such an open public trash past get this famous.
  11. That's the past dahhling its 2018 get with the times!
  12. Why do y'all even defend trash that's throwing shoes at other people at Fashion Week.. girl.
  13. I guess yes if you like rap. It's not my tea but I like some songs on Queen.
  14. I wanna watch NY. I love Countess and I haven't even seen the show yet. Money Can't Buy You Class and Chic C'Est La Vie are bops.