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  1. We won’t know the truth but i don’t think vishal is pete maybe he was just attention seeking.
  2. You can’t check on ips anymore since everyone useshola or another vpn service. i hardly doubt this is the truth but okay we will keep it banned but i’m not sure hotshot is pete.
  3. No, we won't be talking the next day
    I ain't got nothin' to say
    I ain't lookin' for my one true love
    Yeah, that ship sailed away

  4. Nervous for my first working day tomorrow.

    1. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      You'll be great, no worries! You got this!! <3


    2. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Good luck queen! :yas:

    3. laracroftonline


      Thanks sweeties

  5. vaccines are never proven to actually work, they might do but it has not been proven. the reason most deseases that the so called vaccines protect you from are hardly here is due too vastly improved hygene and living standards. also from personal experiences i can say vaccines do not always work for everyone i had 2 deseases the basic vaccines should prevent you from getting but hey i still got them.
  6. Tomorrow day two of laying the laminate floor. We already got one room and a part of a hall finished. Tomorrow the toilet and finishing the hall. Next weekend my room and then the first floor is done. Then we only need to do the second floor.

  7. Goodevening <3


  8. Welcome can't wait to see you snatch.
  9. i'm not iconic oh wel nicely done
  10. The music industry is so boring at the moment. Everyone does the same sounds and now even almost copy paste the lyrics from each other. Where is the time an artist had their own signature sound?

    1. Craig


      Which is why I stan Gaga


  11. The world is over really, people find toxic/problems in everything