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  1. Wait I thought u were admin your back to VIP ? Some of everyone's tags are changing back to VIP standard

    1. Fly


      A lot of demotions are happening as of lately, Lara was included in the 7.

    2. life13swift
    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      she demoted herself

  2. music originally was a free thing but like most free things it gets monetized with the wrong rules in place.
  3. The only Gasoline I know
  4. hello sis i have a question, what is the aspect ratio and size limit for the COP header?

    1. laracroftonline
    2. aahfeekiee


      ok i found out the aspect ratio is 4:1 on desktop version, thanks anyway love!

    3. laracroftonline


      what theme do you use?

  5. the next boring half time show, what a disappointment.
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Added: Fall Season Of COP Changed: We changed the pink background on COP Dark to a much rquested black one so COP Dark is really dark To switch themes scroll all the way down and click on theme!
  8. In this topic I will keep you up to date with theme changes or additions.
  9. cardi vs nicki gets boring pop music is being replaced by crappy rappers or urban crap / that part of the industry is full of filthy people with paedophilic history or abuse issues. we all grow older even i am thinking more and more of leaving the stanning behind and focussing on more important things, my posts quota is low on this forum because pop music is not interesting.