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  1. i need american chocolate chip pancakes :(


  2. You can post now we had an issue with the ckeditor.

    1. jackgrande


      SKSKDJSJKS mess I really thought I was on post restriction

    2. laracroftonline


      No we had an issue, i also put out an email that it is fixed now ;)


  3. My laptop still works like it was new from the store because i vacuum it once in 6 months and changed the cooling paste every 2 years. See it is all about giving your devices the proper maintenance. The longest i did with a desktop was 10 years but that was because i build it myself.
  4. Lots of pretentious snobs i see preferring outdated crippled apple devices 🤣😂. how does it feel that you need additional adapters or converter cables just to use your headset or usb stick? I bet it makes you feel special but it isn’t functional. I rather use a surface book instead of a macbook air/pro can do way more with my pc 😇
  5. Well looks like i’m fired then, see ya 💋
  6. But why go for a cripled device with no direct usb support and it lacks a 3.5 headphone jack?
  7. For 1k you have a better gaming notebook than a macbook pro my 7 year old gaming notebook is still faster than a macbook. i would only recommend a macbook if you are in advertising or does jobs in editing of movies or pics. For the rest a gaming notbook would be far better cheaper and you can repair it yourself if something breaks unlike a macbook.
  8. My mum wants to binge Insatiable with me, I ❤️ HER 😍

  9. I never smoked i also hardly drink so living the good coffee life 😝🤩
  10. Sometimes i’m wrong, sometimes i hide, sometimes i’m scared of you 🤩🤣

  11. Buddha is woman ;)



  12. can you send me a screenshot of the ad most of you see?

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    2. Dangerous Woman

      Dangerous Woman

      I just did and it’s still there :rip:

    3. laracroftonline


      is the ad fixed now?

    4. Dangerous Woman

      Dangerous Woman

      Seems to be gone now! Thanks.