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  1. Came to get some things out my inbox. Stay blessed heauxes✌?:azealiakunt:

  2. You made me do it heaux, I told you get low. I’m popping tens, but they gotta be yellow. I’m New York Nick, I’m balling with Carmelo. I’m wavy, word to Shawty L-O, hello.:beyclap:

  3. Since Ariana is Afro-Italian.... I guess Fergie or pre-Britney Jean... Britney Idk. Who’s white and slays? Skksk
  4. Me not posting in a decent thread because someone I don’t like created it :nails: #StoppingBags2018

  5. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-932501832/pyrex-princess @Black Beauty ?
  6. She said if you want it early to email her cheapxo email and she’ll send it to whoever want it’s and she’s going to upload it to soundcloud as well via IG
  7. Popular Detroit rapper known as Kash Doll will be releasing her first single with Republic Records this Friday.
  8. I know, but I thought it had something to do with the actual words we searched for