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  1. karrueche VISITS REAL 103.9 FM On July 16th, karrueche visited the hip hop/r&b station Real 103.9 in Las Vegas, NV to promote her debut single featuring lil wayne entitled “turnin’ me on”. The singer stopped by as a part of a radio tour she’ll be going on in support of her single. The hosts thanked her for visiting and asked how has the reception to her new venture been, in which she replied, “You know it’s actually been pretty decent. I thought people would be a bit upset, but they’ve been pretty welcoming.” The host then tells her that when the music is good they can’t really say much unless they’re bonafide haters, and she giggles and agrees. The host thens asks if there is an upcoming project going to rollout with the song and she responds, “Of course. I actually will elaborate more on that real soon so stay tuned!” The host then asks about her budding romance with Ex-NFL player Victor Cruz and she says, “You know everything is good. I’m in a really positive place and I think you can definitely feel it in the music. He’s awesome.” Before wrapping up the interview the host asks karrueche what her favorite songs are right now and she responds, “You know I’m loving my girl Kash Doll’s album, but I love Cardi as well. Bodak Yellow is my jam! Beyonce’s new song is great. Iggy’s new song is a bop. I really like Buzzkiller by Ivy as well. Lots of good music out!” Before the host spins “turnin’ me on” karrueche does a drop, “Hey you guy’s it’s your girl karrueche and you’re listening to my debut single, turnin’ me on featuring lil wayne on the one and only Real 103.9!” turnin’ me on available everywhere.
  2. BRYSON TILLER VISITS Z100 NEW YORK On July 16th, Bryson Tiller visited the top 40 radio station Z100 in New York City to promote his latest single featuring Big Sean called “Planez” and to promote it’s parent album, Don’t Judge Me. The singer stopped by as a part of a radio tour he’ll be going on while opening for the Champagne Papi World Tour North American leg. The hosts thanked Bryson for stopping by and asked him how the tour was going, in which he replied, “Incredible. The fans have been so amazing and everything behind the scenes has been so smooth. I’ve been having the time of my life.” The hosts then bring up his current single Planez and tell him how much they love it before asking him if there’s going to be a music video for it, in which he replies, “I just received the treatment the other day. We’re getting everything together right now, but yes it’s coming. If all goes well this might be my favorite music video to date of mine.” The host then asks if he has any plans for a follow up album anytime soon, and he replies, “I’m always in the lab recording so you never know. I’m not currently planning one, but I am constantly recording new stuff.” The host then asks him about his daughter and he says, “She’s doing great. She’s actually on tour with me for a little bit so I actually get to bond with her when I’m not working before she has to go back home and start school.” The host then wraps up the interview and tells everybody to get Planez and then plays it. Planez available everywhere.
  3. On July 16th, Kash Doll visited the British radio broadcast station, BBC Radio 1 in London, U.K. to promote her latest single called “B.A.N.” and to promote her debut album, Product of My Environment. Interview: Today’s guest is hip hop superstar Kash Doll! How are yo doing my love? I’m doing amazing. Thank you for having me. I’m super excited to be back in the U.K. I finally have time to come visit my fans and experience what you guys have to offer. Yes, well we love when you come to visit us. Let’s get to the nitty gritty. You just released your debut album last month and it went #1 everywhere. How are you feeling about the reception? It’s crazy because when I got out of my last deal I thought my best case scenario was going to be me accumulating a core fanbase and see mediocre success. So when I released Nann and it started smashing right off the bat. I was in shock. Now fast forward to me have 3 multi-platinum hits from one album and going Diamond in countries I’ve never been to before. It’s incredibly amazing. I’m extremely grateful for all the love. Since coming onto the scene you’ve been pretty pro-female rappers getting along. Why is that so important for you? There’s honestly hundreds of male rappers doing there things and I’m honestly tired of us women feeling the need to compete with each other. I feel like we all can eat. We really need to focus on showing the men that we’re not to be messed with and show we can be as great and even greater than them. True. So when you hear rumors about Cardi B and Nicki not getting along and even Cardi beefing with Lil Debbie what is your response? With the Cardi and Nicki thing I honestly feel like it’s not real and that their camps and the industry are trying to pit them against each other. I think they’re both pretty hard-headed and don’t want to seem like their kissing the others butt so they don’t interact as much and become awkward when asked about one another. I don’t think it’s a competition thing, because then wouldn’t they both beef with me? *laughs* As for Lil Debbie and Cardi beefing I think it was a friendly showdown for the sake of it being hip hop. I’m sure there are no hard feelings. You’re latest single from the album is B.A.N. What made you pick this song over the others? I feel like it has the perfect end of Summer/ Fall vibes. We could always use a f*ckboy anthem this time of year. *laughs* I actually was debating on releasing Love Letter with Drake, but I’ll be going on tour and I really want to give that song the push it deserves so we’ll be saving that for later. Have you shot the music video yet? Yes we have. I shot it this past week before making my way over here because I wanted to have everything ready before going on tour. I would go out on a limb and say it’s my best video to date. It should be out in the next couple weeks after we get through editing. Anything you’d like to say to your U.K. fans listening? If you don’t get to see me while I’m here visiting I will be back hopefully. Hopefully someone reaches out to me to open for them out here. Why not go on your own tour? I always find it awkward when someone on their first album goes on their own tour. I feel like you need more material than that to headline. I wouldn’t want the whole thing that happened to Iggy to happen to me. I felt so bad for her having to cancel her tour. Well thanks for stopping by. Would you like to do the honor? Yes! Hey, you guys this is Kash Doll and you’re listening to my latest single, B.A.N. on BBC Radio One! B.A.N. available everywhere.
  4. Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope it was everything and more!
  5. KASH DOLL ON THE VOICE U.K. (July 15th) "Here with a performance of B.A.N. off her debut album , Product of My Environment, available everywhere now! Please put your hands together for Kash Doll!" The camera pans to futuristic multi-color neon lit looking stage. The LED Screen begins to rise and Kash Doll is revealed. She smiles for the camera and begins to walk out as the camera begins to zoom out and the instrumental begins to play. She sassily walks to centre stage where her female dancers are waiting for her. As soon as she gets to them you see a guy sitting in a chair tied up. She approaches him and grabs him by the hair before reciting the chorus. “You thought you was slick, but you slippin’/ Almost had me thinkin' you was different/ Now I'm out here wildin' with my hittas” She then stands in front of him and starts to tease him as her dancers help/egg her on. “Boy, you full of ish, I don't have no time, just check my wrist/ Yeah you lyin' on your (gasps), but it ain't big enough for this.” During the chorus she and her dancers get on all fours before getting into a sexy little dance routine(rolling around on the floor, etc) teasing him even more. As she gets into the second verse she and her dancers walk towards the end of the stage and sit down on the steps as she recites her lyrics while the camera does a hazy effect. “You ran off with a jump off, find a bridge and go jump with her/ Sam Jackson, you took an L, got no juice, that's Pulp Fiction”When it comes time for the chorus again she gets up as some male dancers make their way to the stage(one for each girl). During the chorus they do a simple and sexy dance routine and twerk with their male partners as the guy in the chair tries to fight his way out the chair. She then gets into the 3rd verse. During the verse she approaches the guy in the chair and begins torturing him with her female dancers while yelling the lyrics to him. “You got these girls thinkin' that they're competition to me (but they ain’t)/ So now's the second-guessin' intuition I see (playin' games)” For the final chorus she walks back to the end of the stage and grinds on a male dancer until the performance ends. B.A.N. available everywhere.
  6. KASH DOLL ON SNL! Performance One: Host: Tonight’s musical guest is a female rapper whose debut album, Product of My Environment, has been taking over the summer. Here to perform her multi-platinum smash hits “No Drama” and “Hurtin’ Me”… Kash Doll everyone! The camera pans into the stage. Kash Doll and her dancers all are lined up one behind another with Kash in the front. The instrumental begins to play as smoke floods the stage. They then begin to march towards the centre stage.As they make it to their marks each of the dancers one by one move to the side of her ending up with two on each side. They then begin to do a quick little step routine before getting into “No Drama”. As she begins her first verse the dancers do some choreography while she raps directly into the camera. “Don’t want no drama/ So save that stuff for your mama” As they get into the Hook she and her dancers do the official dance choreography as she sings alongside the backing track. “Don’t want No Drama-ma-ma, We pulled up in that ooh la la” The instrumental then begins to fadeout. Suddenly neon pink and purple lights begin to to flash on the stage as the instrumental transitions into “Hurtin’ Me”. The LED screen begins playing the visuals from the music video. The dancers begin to do a dance break to a Work From Home(5H)/Hurtin’ Me mashup. Kash Doll then begins to slowly whine while singing the intro. “Oh, I see you, see, I see, yeah” As she gets into the first verse she aggressively grabs a male dancer that came on the stage and turns around and begins to twerk on him. ”Breakfast in bed darling, I got your bed falling…” When it comes time for the chorus they all make their way towards the front of the stage and begin to do a dancehall inspired dance routine. "Heard you got a new girlfriend, and it's Hurtin' Me" As she gets into the second singing verse she squats down towards the end of the stage looking directly Into the camera. “Tears down my face fallin’, I’m in the place bawlin’” When it comes time for the pre- chorus “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” she gets back up and joins the dancers for the choreography to the chorus while singing with perfect breath control pointing out the mic to the audience here and there as they sing along. For the final verse she drops into a split, then proceeds to cross her legs, while sassily reciting the lyrics. ”Made it clear you’d rather lose me, so you could earn them hittas respect/So when I put all ya ish in a box, what else did you expect?” After the chorus she and the dancers whine to the outro until the instrumental ends… ”And I cry, I cry, even my eye cry, But who cares?” Performance Two: Host: Ladies and gentlemen Kash Doll! The camera pans to the end of the stage where Kash Doll is standing. She smiles for the camera and the camera begins to zoom out and the instrumental begins to play. She sassily walks to centre stage where her female dancers and several chairs are waiting for her(five with hers being in the centre). As soon as she get to the chair she sexily sits down and recites the chorus. “You thought you was slick, but you slippin’/ Almost had me thinkin' you was different/ Now I'm out here wildin' with my hittas” She then turns her back the camera and lifts her legs in the air and does a sexy chair routine. When it comes time for the first verse she sits facing the crowd and aggrseviely recites her lyrics as her dancers stand surrounding her chair hyping her up. “Boy, you full of ish, I don't have no time, just check my wrist/ Yeah you lyin' on your (gasps), but it ain't big enough for this.” When it comes time for the chorus she gets up as some male dancers make their way to the stage(one for each girl). During the chorus they do a simple and sexy dance routine and twerk with their male partners. She then switches things up and gets into the 3rd verse. During the verse she squats down and looks into the camera as the LED screen shows newly shot visuals of her in a neon blue bathtub looking good as hell. “You got these girls thinkin' that they're competition to me (but they ain’t)/ So now's the second-guessin' intuition I see (playin' games)” For the final chorus she walks back to the chairs, but this time the male dancers are sitting down so her and her female dancers give them some lap dances until the end of the performance and strike a pose. No Drama, Hurtin’ Me, and B.A.N. available everywhere.
  7. Updated.... New Certifications: 3x Platinum: Joyride (Album) - Tinashe 2x Platinum: No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande Platinum: Liberation (Album) - Christina Aguilera Everything is Love (Album) - The Carters Gold: Luxury - Azealia Banks 5 in the morning - Charli XCX Summer - The Carters Friends - The Carters 20 Something - SZA Bed (feat. Ariana Grande) - Nicki Minaj
  8. God is a woman debuts at #1 with 1 1/2 tracking days while Like I Used To debuts at #2. Treasure Island debuts at #3. Several certifications.
  9. Everything Is Love completes a 4th week at #1 and goes Platinum. Joyride and Liberation remain in the top 5, the former going 3x Platinum (highest certified album in chart history) and the latter going Platinum.
  10. Tinashe surges to #1 causing The Carters to slip to #2. Ariana Grande renters at #3.
  11. When all is said and done, you’ll believe God is a woman. :nickising:

  12. B.A.N. - KASH DOLL (Lyric Video) For promotion Kash Doll releases the lyric video for her brand new single, "B.A.N.". The video consists of the lyrics being displayed on a distorted and static filled background with a bunch of special effects when transitioning from certain parts of a song to the next. (Chorus-->Verse, etc). The video is overall very simple and straight to the point. At the end of the video the screen says "Music Video Coming Soon", before a screen shutting off effect. Ⓟ2018 ROC Nation LLC, Distributed by UMG Recordings, Inc.
  13. karrueche visits Zane Lowe's World Record Interview: Hello everybody! Today we have a very special guest. She’s a model and actress taking her talents to the music industry starting today. The beautiful karrueche is in the building! *laughs* Hey guys! Thank you Zane for having me. I know this was very last minute. You’re welcome anytime love! So today you released your debut single turnin me on featuring Lil Wayne. How did this come about? Well when me and Pharell created the song we both agreed it screamed for a rap feature. Pharrell actually was supposed to be the verse, but when he went to go into the studio with Wayne and played him some of the records he’s been working on Wayne heard it was like, “I need in on that joint!” So when we went to finish uo the song P played me the verse and Wayne killed it so I was all in. Plus he’s a legend and who am I to say no to him wanting to be on little ole me’s song, you know? Right! Well I’d like to say congratulations on signing with ROC Nation. How’d that come about? Well me an Cassie are friends and I expressed I was looking to get some backing so she set the meeting up. To be honest I was told they were kind of side eyeing me because I want to do music seemingly out of nowhere, but when I played them the few songs P and I did…. They were all in. Do you feel a type of way that people didn’t really take you seriously right away? Honestly no. We all have to put the work in and prove ourselves in whatever we want to do. Nobody is going to take your word that’s why you have to come ready and show them you’re serious and things will come together from there. Do you feel like your previous relationship will hold you back being that Chris is very involved with a lot of people on the music scene? I think it’ll make things a bit harder, but there’s always a way. I think once I prove myself moving forward things will be easier, but right now everybody is trying to see if I’m really serious about this. They’ll probably want to be loyal to him right now, which I somewhat respect, but I’m always going to find another way through any obstacles thrown at me. I watched your interview at Power 106 on why you wanted to start doing music, but would you please elaborate in case anyone listening/watching hasn’t seen that yet…? I always loved to sing, but I was insecure and being my ex was in the music industry I didn’t want people to think I was just trying yo use his status to get on so I never pursued music. Being that even though he himself has said I’m not a clout chaser I still am being called that so I’m just like f*ck it. I’m going to do what makes me happy. Your currently dating Victor Cruz. How is that going? It’s going great. We’re enjoying each others company and I’m just very happy. Good for you. So other than Claws and the single is there anything else we should look forward to? Nothing is set in stone so I can’t really elaborate, but big things are on the horizon. You guys just have to stay tuned. Okay. Well thank you for stopping by. Here’s the world premiere of karrueche’s debut single, turnin’ me on featuring lil Wayne! *plays the song* turnin’ me on available everywhere.