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  1. Cheryl - Ghetto Baby Girls Aloud - The Promise Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover Lana - Shades of Cool Mariah - Say Somethin'
  2. I think it was wrong of him to fire you over an accident. You never know, it may lead you to another job that you might even prefer. You'll look back and laugh. Hope you're not too upset
  3. God this just slayed the life out of me + the beginning giving me Nightmare Before Christmas vibes. She's gonna have the haters fuming!
  4. Cheryl A Million Lights Only Human 3 Words Messy Little Raindrops Girls Aloud Chemistry Tangled Up Out of Control What will the Neighbours say? Sound of the Underground Gaga Born This Way Fame Monster Joanne Fame ARTPOP Lana Ultraviolence Lust for Life Honeymoon Paradise Born to Die
  5. Thank you so much! You're lovely too
  6. Cheryl

    Girls Aloud

    20 consecutive top 10 UK singles
  7. Here We Go has always been one of my fave GA songs ! I was always confused why the lyrics were changed, but now I realise lol "Put your tongue in my ear, its queer but kinda fun" wouldn't have gone down well with parents
  8. BTW any of you ever had one of these? Its what i used to use to watch Totally Spies on. The nostalgia is real. Its called a VideoNow player.
  9. This is why I don't listen to unreleased tracks. If they get released officially and the demo is better it really bugs me. An Aura tea
  10. It's quite long tbh ? But, you have the 1st three games from the ps1: Crash bandicoot, Cortex Strikes back and Warped. They all connect to each other through a storyline. 1st starts the story where Crash is created by Doctor Neo Cortex and he tries to defeat Crash because he goes against him, 2nd is where Crash helps Cortex, 3rd picks up from there where a time machine allows Crash to collect crystals before Cortex does. After this a racing game was released (one of my faves) called Crash Team Racing, after this was Crash Bash which is a party game (similar to Mario). After these the 4th main game (picks up where the 3rd left off) called Wrath of Cortex, this is similar to the 3rd where Crash tries to get the crystals before Cortex does. After this was Crash Nitro Kart which is a remake of CTR. Then comes Twinsanity (The best). Its an open world game where you travel to different dimensions to get crystals to power the 'Cyclotron'. Its good because you work with Cortex and get to play him, as well as his niece 'Nina'. Then another racing game was made 'Crash Tag Team Racing'. After this, two more adventure games were made: Crash of the Titans and Mind over Mutant, but these weren't received well as the characters were changed DRAMATICALLY, but now we have the remaster, so its not all bad.
  11. I think I will. It's honestly amazing. Crash Twinsanity is the best btw ??
  12. I do But I've always wanted to play Spyro though, they even have that game together with Crash on the gameboy. I think it's just what I was brought up with tbh. Nostalgia plays a big part in it
  13. Iconic PlayStation mascot that has sold 50 million units and has a remaster that is number 1 in its 4th week > Purple duck