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  1. I don't see how she abusing them tho...I don't mean to be bitch but this thread idea doesn't make sense at all. Its such a stupid reach. its just she cares for her animals.. Look up abuse in dictionary to lol
  2. I wouldn't call it breaking double standards just cause she did that after other women/men have done it before her lol. At the same their just shading her and being mean because she's gaining so much more fame each time she puts something out for people to listen to. Its cute she's standing up for herself tho. This is why I suggested go take longggg break like long one away from music anything and maybe finding time to heal after everything she's been getting from people online most of the time
  3. I saw this on the news. If its true then she has every right
  4. I hit diamond status on my rep points omg

  5. I always staned them really well. Love their music. This wasn't enough tho for most people tho sadly. Its better than current stuff on radio and better than what British are doing now to lol. I'm glad it went up high in UK tbo
  6. Queen of controversary topics for gays to talk about lol. I sort of knew her song would pop back up in sales since they did work together that one time. Idk I was hoping Gaga could get her own dwyw vers anyways.
  7. I loved some of these from my childhood. Her rnb music is good loved her last work little to
  8. Oh lord maybe she did make account herself. Lord I'm glad her parents can take everything from her. Wishing her to be better tho agreed with @Gratitude and @Winter Bird
  9. Sometimes that's mine I mean its whenever u get the chance to listen to music. I mean it doesn't look cool when its nothing there so I know how u feel
  10. I'm shocked little, I guess I'm ok with his music but it sucks for his fans Im fan sort of some of his stuff. I hope he finds some happiness with his life.