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  1. Omg rude accusations again sigh people never learn
  2. If u look on his page it says banned and its crossed out for some reason Idk
  3. I've been enjoying it. I love the new people lol. Its nice take out drama people to. Beysus and that Mokitsy-Kanye Stan is banned. Why was onika gone again?
  4. Yes her new album is so iconic Her high vocals in this are amazing. Always loved this video she put out
  5. I always loved her old covers back in the day. I can't seem to think of one right now..I think she did try by p!nk once (I could be wrong) Does anyone have favorite cover?
  6. You stan vintage singer love Lana. You have nice taste welcome
  7. And In Mars lol...Other celebs are popular than bts-normal people don't know bts (they know other celebs ) but bts is just Asian internet fame thing in Asian pop culture lol.
  8. Umm wasn't asking about ms.cameltoe (liked her performance tho ) lol...she was good to I asked if Taylor performed and your saying pretending. Taylor loves everyone expect Kanye. Idk where u coming from on pretending tho. What's if everyone snarky comments on my fave ?
  9. Love this song. He did great vocals on background. and I liked few of his older songs to