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  1. I try to switch from Taylor to another artist I love/like in music since I love all genres of music. It could depend...or not. I mean I hear same songs on radio at work and its most of our faves and I love hearing music yet I"'ll switch it on my phone few times I sometimes binge listen to artist to since their so creative and fun
  2. Wait so they don't sell them here in America? I should try one someday. I love most meats anyways lol I tried other things in 7/11 stores tho
  3. Welcome to the forum hun. We hope u have lot of fun on here
  4. Omg I can add 3rd acoustic of hers to my acoustic playlist
  5. I hope you feel better soon I'll always be here if you need to talk or anything. I can sort of relation on being emotional or sad perspective yet I don't have those 2 things. I can relate it from my ex perspective since he has to take meds for his Depression/Anxiety related situations.
  6. Omg Twitter new updated news are weird not a complete fan ugh ...sometimes they stop you from posting and like they tell you what your posting is not good or anti-rules (like I retweet lot but I'm not doing anything bad tho).
  7. why does beyhive get another vid award nom? I mean her thing was just released recently like literally not to long ago...ugh Idk Give some to Taylor for Delicate or Look What You Made Me do or one of other main awards. Only reason I'll watch is Taylor nominated in editing/direction or whatever that award is called, hope Taylor wins anyways
  8. Be Flexible with your taste. Yes, you like kpop but not everyone here does and i am sure you are aware as this as you received shit ton of backlash. We all remember what happened so cut the shit sis. From what i've seen, the OP poster is just entitled to Kpop and listens to SOME pop girls. So you can already figure out nobody is gonna talk about anyone in his signature since people are not that into Kpop. Here i give him a REAL example where i was one of the fews of 5H fans and i was getting stressed out because i had nobody to talk with. here is ANOTHER example, i tell him that in order to get involved you have to see what people are interested on. Who is getting more hate threads about and whatever the chase is. For example, I would've not watched the music vide of Bed by Nicki if it wasn't for the 10 threads about it flopping to Iggy's kream. Here i am giving him other solutions incase he does not want to do any of the stuff i explained I listen to Arab Music, "African market music " and Pop and Korean Girl groups. Yet you wanna come at me saying im telling someone to change their taste to fit it Omg I know Arab music to even tho I'm Greek and listen to my Greek stuff there's this one singer who's singing in our languages together (well single he made separated - look up sarbel with Irini ) OP: Idk I mostly do hiatus to do things in life like work , music or watch anime/dvds or art related things I like. Or find thread u like maybe or throwback or show u have in common with other members maybe. Or socialize bit. I never announce hiatus I normally leave (I forget ) but I comeback in few weeks or whatever. Sometimes site can feel empty but some of other things are what keep site moving
  9. So dude texted me for doing "thing's " late at night here but I said no and I asked to be friends maybe and he's like move on. I can't stand some men in this world

  10. I think I might have heard them maybe lol. Honestly on spotify I saw him pop up but I was looking for artists to put on my apple music, so yes Love his tuned new album. Actually his cover art is what drawn me to his album. I tend to like cover arts on stuff I listen or buy tho or look at lol. He's Similar to most country men he's quite gorgeous to. Still bit new to his music
  11. I gave money 3 times to people who stopped me once I was walking home few times from going to the store. One time this 1 Latino man was walking away when I said no but I had dollar to give him so I walked back behind him and just politely gave it to him. I had walked home from this library store This 1 time This 1 homeless man with homeless board was asking for money I gave him dollar The last man was like middle aged white male on same area as my second homeless person but different moment when I walked home on different day, He said thank you bud. I walked from another place/ store and turned back around to look for shorter cut home and he's actually smoking with one of his friends...I was then like when I said excuse me I walked by so I could get across road (said in my head Did I do something wrong?)...I hope not. I felt mixed on this person tho since I know smoking is bad for you. I had walked home from game stop last 2 guys who I mentioned above...