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  1. I just got an iPhone 8. :shookga:

    I no longer have to use my iPhone 6 which has a battery life of 1 hour :beybawl:

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    2. beysus


      @Tattooed Heart that was me with my 6. It would die at 90% then recharge in 1 minute. I was to lazy to go to the Apple store to get it fixed, so I went to fido and got the 8 :elliesass:

    3. Tattooed Heart

      Tattooed Heart

      how's the crippling debt going tho?:elliesass:

    4. beysus


      They actually had a great deal where the iPhone was 0$ and 85$ per month for 10GB! I had to snatch it when I had the chance! :elliesass: