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  1. :beautyisatalent: Promote me hoe. :beautyisatalent:

  2. Cardi B appears on Good Morning Britain UK | February 7th Host: Here to give us the British television debut of her debut single “Bartier Cardi”, please welcome rapper Cardi B! Cardi B is standing on stage in a long green faux fur coat and a green pair of pants with a matching crop-top. As the instrumental to the song begins to play, Cardi lifts the microphone to her mouth and begins to rap the song. Cardi is serving energy throughout the performance as she delivers her lines with a cute amount of sass. At the chorus of the song, she performs very light choreography which simply has her doing dramatic hand movements and crouching down. Once she delivers the second verse of the song, Cardi begins to walk to the left side of the stage. There she is met with 2 female background dancers who are wearing a two piece black outfit. They dance behind Cardi as she keeps on rapping. Cardi returns to the center of the stage with the dancers for the chorus. There she does very light choreography once again. The performance ends with Cardi striking a pose while the dancers kneel on the ground behind her. The host returns to join Cardi on stage for a short interview. Host: A marvellous performance by Cardi B! Cardi: Thank you! Host: You have so much energy! How do you do it? Cardi: I’ve always had it! I was that bad kid in class always talking during work time! (laughs) Host: Well now it is paying off! Your newly released debut single “Bartier Cardi” is acclaimed by the critics and fans alike! Cardi: I am so incredibly grateful for that! Thank you to everyone who is buying it! Host: I am one of those people! I just love it! Cardi: Okurr! Thanks a lot! Host: Thank you for coming on this morning! Give it up for Cardi B everyone! “Bartier Cardi” is available on all platforms now!
  3. Cardi B appears on BBC Radio 1 UK | February 6th Host: Welcome back to the program! I am here with the rising super star, Cardi B! Cardi: Okurrr! Host: Welcome to the United Kingdom Cardi! Cardi: *talks in a British accent* Pip pip, cheerio! I am so freaking happy to be here! Host: Is this your first time in the UK? Cardi: Yep! And y’all have already shown me how amazing this place is! Host: It really is a great country, huh? Cardi: Yes girl! And y’all having no racist, sexist president is the icing on the cake! (laughs) Host: Do you plan on visiting anything while you are here? Cardi: I really really want to visit the palace y’all have here! I need to see Meghan! That girl is iconic! Period! Making it into the Royal Family despite all the setbacks! Host: Meghan is amazing! Speaking of amazing… your debut single “Bartier Cardi” is just as amazing! I am a huge fan of the song! Cardi: EEOWWWWW! Thanks for loving it! Host: The song is just an anthem! An anthem for all of us carefree black women around the world. Cardi: Definitely! Host: How does or will being a woman of color affect your music? Cardi: It will affect it a lot! Being an Afro-Latina provides me with a mix of two of the best cultures in the world! It has given me so many positive experiences, but it also comes with some hardships. I will be talking about both in my music. The good and the bad! Host: So your music will be personal? Cardi: Yeah! I will delve into some real shit! I’m a real bitch who isn’t ashamed of anything! Host: Good! But for now, let’s get back to “Bartier Cardi”. The song is exploding with the general public, every day more and more of my friends are telling me about how much they love the song. Cardi: OKURRRRR! Tell them how much I love their support! Host: When is the music video for the song coming out? I am dying to know! Cardi: The song just came out sis! (laughs) But it will be out soon! Before the end of the month! Host: Okay, good! Just from the amazing artwork for the single, I am sure the video for the song will be excellent! Cardi: It sure will be! Host: Well, I will let you be on your way now to go out and explore London! Cardi: Meeeoww! Thanks for having me here today! Host: Before you go, would you mind introducing your debut single to our listeners? Cardi: Sure thing! What’s popping y’all, issa girl Cardi B, and this is my debut single “Bartier Cardi”! “Bartier Cardi” begins to play on the radio station.
  4. Cardi B appears on The Wendy Williams Show US | February 5th Wendy: She is a rising superstar whose debut single is on track to become one of the hottest songs of the year! Here to perform “Bartier Cardi”, please welcome Cardi B! As the opening instrumental to “Bartier Cardi” begins to play, blue and pink lights begin to flash all over the stage. Cardi B has her back turned to the audience, but turns around right when it is time to begin her verse. The 26-year-old New York native is wearing a curly blonde wig, and a long blue Gucci trench coat. As she raps the song’s opening lyrics, Cardi serves pure energy into the crowd. At the chorus of the song, 4 background dancers arrive on stage, and begin to dance behind Cardi B. The routine that the dancers perform is hip-hop orientated. As they dance, Cardi simply shakes her body as she continues to rap. Cardi walks around the stage as she makes her way through the rest of the song. She points her fingers out to the crowd and does hand gestures as she serves her best bars. Despite the song only being 4 days old, the live Wendy Williams studio audience is engaged and rapping along, up on their feet! As the performance nears the end, Cardi performs a little twerk dance with the dancers as she sings the song’s final line. She stands back up straight, does her signature “EEEEOWW” sound, and smiles as the performance ends. The audience gives Cardi a loud round of applause. Wendy: Cardi B everyone! “Bartier Cardi” is out everywhere now! Make sure to go and download it!
  5. Cardi B appears on 95.5 PLJ US | February 5th Host: Here with me right now is music’s next big thing! Please welcome, Cardi B! Cardi: Okurrrr! Hello everyone! Host: Hello Cardi! Welcome to our show! It is so great to have you here! Cardi: Eeeoww! Thanks for having me! Host: Your schedule must be getting more and more busy by the day with your debut single “Bartier Cardi” now being out! Cardi: It definitely is! So many people been trynna book me for shows and performances now that my single is out! A girl would have never imagined this! Host: It makes sense! “Bartier Cardi” is amazing! Everyone who is anyone loves it! Cardi: Awwww...thanks! Hehe! Host: The song is just so electrifying! It is quite a debut! Cardi: That’s exactly what I wanted! A song that can stand out and just something everyone can love! I wanted to do something fun, that can be immediately played in the club and have everyone twerking and grinding! (laughs) Host: You sure did exactly that with “Bartier Cardi”! The song is blowing up! Did you ever see major success happening to this song? Cardi: I never even thought I would be signed man! Being who I am, and having the background that I have, everyone always thought of me as a joke. A funny girl, but someone who can not be taken seriously. When Insomnia Records approached me with a record deal, I was honestly shook! Of course I accepted it! It was a big FU to all my haters who doubted me! OKURRR! Host: In “Bartier Cardi” you address some of your haters by flaunting about your money, possessions and lifestyle. Some would say this is not being humble. What would you say? Cardi: It’s hip hop man! Hip hop has always had people bragging about how they are so much better than everyone else. It’s in the DNA of the genre. And it’s not us not being humble. We deserve to brag a bit for all of the hard work that we put in! Host: True! I’ve seen you ever since your Instagram days, you have put in a lot of work! Cardi: EEEOWWW! Thank you! Host: Well let’s let our listening audience here your amazing work now! It was great having you on our show today! Cardi: Thanks for having me! Host: “Bartier Cardi” by Cardi B is available everywhere now, but before you run off to go buy it, here it is playing now! “Bartier Cardi” plays on the radio station.
  6. Can we do call in radio interviews?
  7. Cardi B appears on 102.7 KIIS FM US | February 4th Host: Her debut single “Bartier Cardi” has been out for less than 4 days, yet is rapidly taking the country by storm! Please welcome to KIIS FM, the wonderful Cardi B! Cardi: OKURRRRRR! Hey y’all! Issya girl, Cardi! Host: Welcome to the show Cardi B! How are you feeling? Cardi: I’m so energetic right now! Life is going great for me! Host: It sure is! Your debut single “Bartier Cardi” is proving to be a fan favorite as it rises on all platforms! Cardi: Eeeeoww! A girl is so happy! Thank you soooo sooo sooo much to everyone buying, downloading, streaming, or whatever yall do, the song! Host: I am one of those people! The first time I heard the song, I was immediately hooked on it! The melody and beat are just so infectious! Makes me wanna just get up on my feet and dance! Cardi: Yassss! Dance honey! (laughs) I owe it all to the amazing producers on the track, and my amazing co-writers! Host: Don’t downplay yourself! You make the song! I couldn’t imagine anyone else rapping it! You are bringing something totally unique to the rap game! Cardi: Hehe! A girl tries! But that’s what I want! Ion want to be like everyone else. I want to be me! I’m trynna show the world my personality and my music! Host: You will definitely be showing the whole world that with “Bartier Cardi”. The song is just going to blow up worldwide! Cardi: It would be amazing if “Bartier Cardi” can go global! Host: If?... It’s going to happen! You can count on that! Cardi: OKURRR! Host: Since you are a proclaimed huge fan of classic rap… Cardi: Yes I am! Eeeoww! Host: I thought it would be cool if we play a game of “Guess The Song”! I will play a short snippet of a classic rap song, and you will have to guess it! Get 3 guesses correct, and you win! Understand it? Cardi: Damn sure! I’m ready! Host: Let’s begin! Here is the first song! The host plays a snippet of Eminem’s classic “Lose Yourself”. Cardi: Easy as hell! “Lose Yourself” Eminem! Host: Correct! Next song! The host plays a snippet of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”. Cardi: Ayyyy! Representing for my hometown! That’s Jay and Alicia’s “Empire State of Mind”! Host: Correct again! Impressive! Okay, last song! The host plays a snippet of Lil Kim’s “Crush On You”. Cardi: EEEEOWWW! My idol! Lil Kim’s “Crush On You”! Host: Wow! You got them all! Amazing! Cardi: I know my hip hop man! OKURRR! Host: It was amazing talking to you this morning Cardi B, and getting to have some fun during this game! Cardi: Yessss! This was so much fun! Thank you for having me! Host: Cardi B’s debut single “Bartier Cardi” is out everywhere now! But here it is right now playing live on our station! “Bartier Cardi” plays on the radio station.
  8. Cardi B appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon US | February 1st Jimmy: Here to perform her debut single “Bartier Cardi” for the very first time on television, please welcome, Cardi B! The instrumental to “Bartier Cardi” begins to play as the stage’s lights turn on. 4 background dancers in silver outfits are seen dancing at the middle of the stage. Right before the first chorus of the song is about to begin, the camera turns to a door next to the stage where Cardi B comes walking out of. She is wearing a pink ensemble of a crop top, shiny pants and a feathery jacket. She begins to rap. As she is rapping, she moves down the stage and towards the dancers at the middle. There, the dancers continue to dance while Cardi does hand movements. At some moments of the song the dancers dance in a circle around Cardi, and in other moments, she crouches down the floor with them and twerks. The performance ends with Cardi standing up smiling, pink confetti falling down from the ceiling, and the audience applauding. Jimmy: Cardi B everyone! You can purchase and stream her debut single “Bartier Cardi” everywhere now! But don’t go yet, when we return, Cardi B will sit down with me for her first late-night talk show interview! Jimmy: Welcome back to The Tonight Show! Her debut single “Bartier Cardi” has been out for less than a day, but is already storming the airwaves! Welcome back, Cardi B! Cardi: Eeeoww! Hello Jimmy! Hello everyone! Jimmy: Welcome, welcome, welcome Cardi! Welcome to The Tonight Show! I’m so happy to have you here! Cardi: I’m sooo happy to be here! Owww! Jimmy: Your debut single “Bartier Cardi” is just fire! It is definitely one of the best rap songs in a long time! Cardi: Okurrr! Thanks for the love! Jimmy: It’s genuine love! The song is really what we needed. You yourself is what we need in the rap world right now, a fresh new face with some fresh new music! Cardi: Y’all can count on me to keep delivering bops! Jimmy: “Bartier Cardi” is definitely a bop, and it is sure to perform well on the charts. The song is very upbeat and ready to be danced to! Did you make it an energetic song to match your personality? Cardi: Yep! Y’all shknow me from Love & Hip-Hop… I’m loud and aggressive! I need to make sure my debut single matches that! Jimmy: It sure does! In “Bartier Cardi” you inform everyone of your weatlh and superiority! Cardi: OKURRRT! Jimmy: You also brag about putting your... dare I say it… pussy on Offset, your boyfriend. How are you too doing? Cardi: HAHAH! Eeoww! I sure do put it on him! We are doing amazing right now! We have only been dating for a couple of months, but it feels like I’ve known him for years at this point! Jimmy: That’s good! I wish nothing but the best for the two of y’all! He is a rapper as well, correct? Cardi: Yeah, he’s a member of the Migos. Jimmy: So, has he given you any advice on your rap career? Cardi: Yes! He has been so amazing with teaching me a whole bunch of things I never knew about the music world. Now a girl feels really educated! OKURR! Jimmy: If his advice was good, I can see you lasting for many years Cardi! Cardi: Ion want to be here for too long to be honest. I’m here to make a bag, do what I love, then leave! Eeeow! Jimmy: Well then. I see you lasting for as long as you want! (laughs) Cardi: Thank you! Jimmy: It was great getting to talk to you today Cardi B! Cardi: My pleasure! Thanks for having ya girl! Jimmy: “Bartier Cardi” by Cardi B is out on all digital platforms now! Make sure to pick it up! Give it up for Cardi B everyone!
  9. Cardi B appears on Z100 New York US | February 1st Host: Her debut single “Bartier Cardi” just dropped, and it is already one of the hottest songs in the world! Please welcome Cardi B! Cardi: Eeeeeowww! Hello y’all! Host: Good morning Cardi B, how are you doing? Cardi: You shknow, I’m feeling amazing! My song be finally out! Host: Yes it is! And it’s blowing up! Cardi: Okurrrt! Host: Have you seen any of the fan reactions to it yet? Cardi: Damn sure! The first thing I did after “Bartier Cardi” came out was… well I actually drank with some of my girls to celebrate (laughs), but after that I searched my name up on Twitter and saw everyone reacting to it! Host: How were those reactions? Cardi: Everyone loved it! It was freaking amazing to see people praising it and saying I surpassed their expectations! Host: Good! The song is just amazing! For anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet, make sure to go do it now! Think of a modern day Lil’ Kim! Cardi: That means so much! Thank you! Lil’ Kim is one of my biggest idols! Host: I can definitely see her influence in you… Cardi: Yeah, she influenced me a lot! But I also want to be known as my own artist, so that’s why I’m really bringing in new elements that have never been done before in female rap, like trap music. Host: That’s good! I cannot wait to see you start your flourishing career! What are your goals right now? Cardi: I really, really want to reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100! It is one of my biggest dreams! Just to know that I have one of the 10 biggest songs in the country! OKURRR! Host: I can for sure feel that happening! I’m telling you Cardi, this song will just explode! Cardi: It better! Imma be all poppintin if it does! EEEOWWW! Host: Well it was amazing having you here on the show today Cardi! Cardi: MEOWW! I had a great time! Host: “Bartier Cardi”, the debut single by Cardi B, is out on all platforms now! Before you go Cardi, would you mind introducing it to our audience? Cardi: Hey y’all, it’s your regular degular shmegular Cardi B from The Bronx, and this is my song “Bartier Cardi”! Okurtt! The radio station plays “Bartier Cardi”.
  10. Cardi B releases “Bartier Cardi (Lyric Video)” on her Youtube channel Along with the release of her debut single “Bartier Cardi” on all platforms, a lyric video for the song was uploaded to Cardi B’s Youtube channel. The video is a standard music video, but throughout the video the lyrics pop up in front of a vibrant urban dance club setting.
  11. Cardi B - "Bartier Cardi" Cardi B releases her debut single Title: "Bartier Cardi" Artist: Cardi B Genre: Hip hop, Trap Label: Insomnia Records Length: 2:49 Release Date: February 1st, 2019 As the clock turned to midnight on Friday, February 1st, 2019, Cardi B took a leap into the music world with the release of her debut single “Bartier Cardi”. The single is a high-tempo banger where 26-year-old rapper Cardi B stunts about her wealth and attractiveness. The single is available on all platforms, and will be serviced to radio. Lyrics: Audio:
  12. Cardi B appears on Sirius XM’s Hits 1 US | January 31st Host: You might not know her at the moment, but with the release of her debut single “Bartier Cardi” being in less than 12 hours, you are bound to! Please welcome, Cardi B! Cardi: OWWWWW! What’s goood everyone? Host: Very good! How about you? Handling the cold weather alright? Cardi: It’s cold! A girl woke up in the morning, picked out my cutest outfit, walked outside, and almost froze to death! Host: Well did you head back inside to get a coat? Cardi: Hell no! A hoe never gets cold! (laughs) Host: Which Bible verse is that from? (laughs) Cardi: The book of Cardi! Host: Anyways, you have the internet buzzing with the release of your single “Bartier Cardi” being tonight at 12! Cardi: Do I really? Host: Yes! Thousands of people are tweeting their excitement for debut single! Cardi: OKURR! That’s crazy man! I hope I won’t disappoint! Host: We are sure that you won’t! Tell us a bit about “Bartier Cardi”! Is it fast, a club-ready anthem? Cardi: It’s definitely ready for the clubs! The production is stacked with some powerful beats, and my rapping is chill, yet I exude power and boss bitch-ness! Host: Would you consider yourself a boss bitch? Cardi: Damn sure! Eowww! I’m that bitch! Host: Your confidence is amazing! Confidence is something that you need in the rap world! Speaking of which, why did you decide to be a rapper? Cardi: Hip-hop is something that I have always loved! Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a huge rapper. I looked up to Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, basically any female rapper out there in the early 00s! Host: All of those ladies are amazing! Do you see yourself being up there with those legends one day? Cardi: I know people expect me to be humble and say no, but there’s a difference between being humble and being confident. So… YES! I will bust my ass off to become as big as I can be! Just wait and see y’all! OKURRR! Host: Well, we cannot wait to see that! It was great having you on our show today Cardi B! We wish you the best on your upcoming career! Cardi: Thanks y’all! Bye everyone! EOWWWW! Host: That was Cardi B! Her debut single will be out everywhere at midnight!