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  1. We need users like you. WE NEED USERS LIKE YOU. So we can get on our fucking keyboards and make Nazi the bad guy Chun-li 


  2. When is you coming back?

    1. Leona's Dupe

      Leona's Dupe

      Sweetie i already told you he's perma banned, like forever and ever. We can't tolerate someone that vile who thinks 22 children dying is something to ki over. 

    2. Warrior


      @Bartier&Bentleys Thanks for banning him! 

    3. Gratitude
  3. The clown came back to bite, eh?


    1. Leona's Dupe

      Leona's Dupe

      I'm so glad the vile troll is banned sis :kimcry: 

  4. One of my favourite members of all time 


  5. see when you do clownery


  6. i hate so many people on cop omg

  7. Check NHB! xx beysus ----- BTS is over!
  8. The fact that you don’t get it proves how little you know
  9. BTS also has bleach skin and plastic surgery, but then unlike Beyoncé but like MJ they have a thing for pre-puberty teens
  10. I don’t double text if they ignore me, I double text when they are still there and we are speaking. For example, instead of saying: ”I had a really long day in class. So many essays, tests, notes! I’ll talk to you later” all in one message, I will say: ”I had a really long day in class” ”So many essays” ”Tests” ”Notes” ”So I’ll talk to you later!”
  11. Michael and BTS have a lot of things in common now that I think of it! It’s all in the face!
  12. Beyoncé and Michael I’m SO SORRY!
  13. No it’s because you have had-nvm