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  1. Literally this is the cycle! Only relevant when it comes to award shows that want pre-teen views
  2. Thank god the non-delusional @Tattooed Heart agrihs with me
  3. @Dangerous Woman @Tattooed Heart the verses and the last part were sung live, but that chorus... Lip, lip, lipped! Good dancing tho!
  4. Why is she doing Havana when NBTS is the one in the top 10
  5. Shawn performing with a school that had a shooting? Is this CAL?
  6. Cardi’s video serving more stage presence than all of Nazi’s SNL yesterday
  7. @Dangerous Woman Turns out Taylor isn’t so local afterall!
  8. Anyone who thought Taylor wasn’t winning too female artist is
  9. This show is SUCH a fraud! Shape Of You was bigger in 2017 as per Billboard them fucking selves and it was still charting top 20 in 2018 compared to Despacito which fell out. It’s clearly based on who is there
  10. Khalid only won since he had an album out 95% of the eligibility period. Compared to Camila with 10% and Cardi with 2%