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  1. Okay Black Panther was so damn amazing, legendary!! Loved every second of it!

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    2. Rainbow πŸ’«

      Rainbow πŸ’«

      Well i think it is bc this movie means a lot to the black community, if you were black youd understand, so any negative criticism from it would be viewed like thatΒ 

    3. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      Well that's ridiculous and i can guarantee you i wouldnt think like that. I think thats called having a chip on your shoulder. I'm totally against racism in all forms but criticising a movie based on its quality is not racism and the sooner we can leave behind all this SJW nonsense and come together and stop letting the left divide us all for political gain, the better off we'll all be.

    4. Rainbow πŸ’«

      Rainbow πŸ’«

      Lol okay well i understand and respect your opinion. But ik that there are a lot of racist people that dislike the movie JUST because its a black cast and theyre right wing. SoΒ :oprah: