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  1. It jumped out here - 2. Youre asking what was good about a performance that had loads of historically black culture being raised and shown at the forefront. And you're calling it overrated even tho it was a culturally monumental. 3. Those categories that "dont mean much" are Urban categories which is also black culture. So youre saying the Urban categories have no value or substance. Ok.
  2. Adele is the only person who can possibly
  3. Yes She is already successful but I think he can get her to main pop girl status with his great payola strategies
  4. Her presentation was well executed but the silhouettes and ensembles themselves were basic clothing and did not fit theme of camp imo. But her presentation was top notch and it made it camp.
  5. But didnt Kacey win AOTY. Reputation didnt even get a nom. And Same Trailer Different Park beat Red for Best Country Album. Oop