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  1. Music wise I will have to give to Dua tho she is overrated performing wise and live vocals I will give it to Camila though.
  2. check in with me, then do you job! 

  3. It is a bop yes and one of her best songs. Innovative? No. This has been done befofe. Did it deserve better? Yes it did
  4. Well I mean sis did not lie, just because she is not successful it doesnt mean she has no impact
  5. Both mani and Tinashe are queens ♥️ Also this isnt battlegrounds so keep it cute.
  6. Keep it cute sis, no personal attacks.
  7. Wig my country got its first female president yesterday by the way :wigidol:

    1. Trainwreck


      Wig, we can’t relate :wendyw: 

  8. We judges havent been sent the looks as yet Ohh yes i forgot!
  9. Mess , Desperado sweetie dont stoop to the Demi fat shaming trolls level, youll just look as bad as them