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  1. Emotes/emojis! Practically the same damn thing!
  2. Mini challenge, lip sync song and look sent! Im quite confident in all 3 tbh so hoping for the best 🀞 I just need to do that maxi challenge now, ngl it's quite challenging.
  3. Disliking someone solely because they're "ugly" is disgusting btw.
  4. I can be needy, way too damn needy

    1. i am chiron.

      i am chiron.

      That aviΒ change thoΒ :ariicant: theΒ high pony slayage!


      Gotta speak a Rih x Mani picture into existence next!

  5. Nah Serebro's basic ass cant compare to the superior Destiny's Child so im good sis
  6. Your faves could never! Your taste is basic if you dont agree this is amazing!