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  1. Most tracks on Emotion by CRJ Last Friday Night by Katy Roulette by Katy Don't blame me by Taylor One last time by Ari We found love by Rih Burn Ellie Goulding Etc
  2. This is instagram stories sis. It went to the other story! That's all. This is how IG stories work.
  3. We can just dance to this, push up on my body!!! :katybop:

  4. Real Friends is one of Camila's best songs and I love the remix! ❀ I really like Swae Lee ❀

  5. Not gonna let the bad reviews so far from stans affect my opinion on first listen tomorrow! I hope its good, at least be a 7.5/10. Come on sis!
  6. Remaining Players kipperskipper- 94 isthatsaras- 79 dirkje-83 junguwu-69 dangerous woman- 93 finesse knowles- 88 treacherous lovatic- 87 japenesedenim- 51 Congrats to @kipperskipper you are immune and your vote will be counted as two!