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  1. Idk why religion still exists when we have Mariah Carey’s Butterfly album

    1. badgallaura


      I don't like her discography much beyond Daydream so I didn't listen but Bliss is one of my favorites; assuming it's from Rainbow, no?

    2. The Roof

      The Roof

      It is but Bliss is like the most classic Mariah song how can you not like her discography and like this specific song ksdmgkldmfsklg

    3. badgallaura


      Oh I'm just not a fan of Mariah's vocal styling. I appreciate her vocals but I'm not a big fan of the way she sings.

      And I like Bliss because, hey, a song doesn't necessarily reflect on a singer's entire library of albums. I just like it cuz it's nice lol.