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  1. Nah, if I was talking about her I would say JHo
  2. Ya'll ain't hear this from me but ****** sucked every industry dick ever
  3. stop mentioning everyone in every single magarate
  4. stop over-using the mention everybody button. It's so ugly
  5. Darling, so many people are talented. It's the inside that counts. When you have an ugly personality and an ugly attitude, it reflects over everything you touch. Cardi ain't as talented (regardless she is very talented and charismatic) but she's a light, hilarious spirit with a golden heart and that's what truly matters, and also what makes everything she touches gold. Nextz
  6. Kissing, especially when it's platonic, is not as taboo as a female breast...
  7. A little note: I LOVE Janet. I'm a huge fan. I just try to understand why