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  1.  We might just get away with this the altar is my hips even if it's it's a false god. We'd still worship this love 

  2. Sweetie ME! Is the worst song on Lover. : False God is the best
  3. I'll never forget the friends I made here and the memories, i got from COP. Alexa play Long Live by Taylor Swift.
  4. Tim McGraw - 2 Picture To Burn - 17 Teardrops On My Guitar - 52 A Place In This World - 15 Cold As You - 15 Tied Together With A Smile - 19 Stay Beautiful - 15 Should've Said No - 15 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - 3 Our Song - 24 I'm Only Me When I'm With You - 15 A Perfectly Good Heart - 18
  5. Since summer is almost over I'm curious what other people's summer anthem is. This is mine
  6. Shame it's dead here :jan3:

  7. I Have To Go I have to go Or I'll fucking explode Or fucking implode Go where? I don’t know where. How the hell am I supposed to know? Maybe I will know , maybe I won't. But what I do know is that away from you is where I have to go. You’re a tornado, your cruel words knock me off my feet and weaken me. I can be a trainwreck sometimes I know. But you can’t blame me for feeling the way that I do because your words they cut deep. Your words they hurt me. Your words can be so petty. I’m just so tired of the mean things that come out your mouth, When I lose my fucking marbles shit goes south. We’ve finally come to a crossroad, a split path, you can call it what you want, but I call it destiny. I'll be better without you in my life for this I have no doubt
  8. Oh MY fucking GOD it's out give her your fucking coins!!!!