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  1. Please join my discord server. https://discord.gg/NWGHbT8
  2. Bump there's a poem on the first page that i wrote last year.
  3. This did not age well . Also cancel culture would have ended him.
  4. Hell yes it's dropping on our birthday! It's so cool that I have the same birthday as one of my faves.
  5. Delaware i always forget it exists.
  6. Yes I enjoyed this way more than the BBMA performance. Karyn was found dead.
  7. They opened for Ari I was staring at my phone during their set. I'll definitely give this a chance tho.
  8. That was the worst series finale ever. The leaks were real! :iamdisgusted:

    1. Cherry Cola

      Cherry Cola

      I know right? A fucking disappointment! 

  9. I'm doing the results on Tuesday I've been busy.