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  1. I forgot to mention that while pop is obviously my favorite genre. I do listen to rock and rap as well though to a lesser degree.
  2. I'm happy to be back. 

  3. Oh my God you're back. How have you been Tom?
  4. Since my old poetry corner was archived i have to make a new one. This poem is called Dying Light. I wrote it two weeks ago during my public speaking class. It's always an experience when you're listening to a lesson and ideas suddenly start filling your head. I'm always like oh shit, yes! But I wrote this poem about my non existent soulmate. I used to be a dying light. sulking in the dark hoping that someone would claim my miserable heart. You waltzed into the room unwavered by the dark You danced gracefully then made your way over to me. You tapped my shoulder and the warmth of your aura began to take me over. I was once a dying light but you gave me your love, vanquished the black ink that was strangling my heart. I used to be a dying light but now I'm shimmering I'm burning bright
  5. I'm Treacherous Swiftie you can call me Treach. Most of ya'll know me but if you don't, I stan Taylor Swift, (obviously) Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and James Bay. I probably forgot some artists but whatever. I'm glad COP is back with a new era, hopefully it's a top 10 hit on the Billboard Charts lol.
  6.  We might just get away with this the altar is my hips even if it's it's a false god. We'd still worship this love 

  7. Sweetie ME! Is the worst song on Lover. : False God is the best
  8. I'll never forget the friends I made here and the memories, i got from COP. Alexa play Long Live by Taylor Swift.
  9. Tim McGraw - 2 Picture To Burn - 17 Teardrops On My Guitar - 52 A Place In This World - 15 Cold As You - 15 Tied Together With A Smile - 19 Stay Beautiful - 15 Should've Said No - 15 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - 3 Our Song - 24 I'm Only Me When I'm With You - 15 A Perfectly Good Heart - 18
  10. Since summer is almost over I'm curious what other people's summer anthem is. This is mine