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  1. Friendly reminder please join unless you want to see Taylucifer in court.
  2. 1 more day till I see Sabrina in concert Oh my fucking God!! :shookga:

    1. Barbie


      have fun sis!

    2. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      I definitely will I have general admission floor tickets they only cost like 50 dollars that's what's great about stanning an artist before they get super big.

    3. Barbie


      Yes! I love smaller artists but this is also a pro of stanning one

  3. Tim McGraw - 19 Picture To Burn - 17 Teardrops On My Guitar - 28 A Place In This World - 15 Cold As You - 15 Tied Together With A Smile - 19 Stay Beautiful - 15 Should've Said No - 15 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - 8 Our Song - 20 I'm Only Me When I'm With You - 15 Invisible - 5 A Perfectly Good Heart - 18
  4. Dangerous Woman >Tun> Me> Yours Truly> Sweetener
  5. Did you see the question asking your name on cop?
  6. Hold on actually I need to add one more question don't submit just yet.
  7. Welcome to my megarate for Taylor's best album arguably. Speak Now if you don't know how megarates work you rate each track on a scale of 1 to 10 and one song an 11. Submit your scores here https://goo.gl/forms/xjIbSzBY69tvs8Hw2 I will be including the three bonus tracks Ours, If This Was A Movie, and Superman. You have until next Friday to submit.
  8. Congrats Marnie @Drag Me Jonas You are a sweetheart deserved!
  9. I'm black too so he didn't win because of black privilege. Thank u next.