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  1. I bought this book, today, can't wait to start it, I just have to finish A Breath Of Snow and Ashes, first lol. I enjoy Stephen King's writing.  eBzwqvQ.jpg

    1. Graceful Dancing

      Graceful Dancing

      King is my favorite author. His books are almost always phenomenal. 

    2. Treacherous Lovatic

      Treacherous Lovatic

      Joyland and Misery are my favorites. I have yet to read Revival Cell, and Dolores Claiborne they are sitting on my shelf waiting.

    3. Graceful Dancing

      Graceful Dancing

      Love Misery! That may be my favorite as well. I also loved The Shining and Doctor Sleep. I also have Dolores Claiborne waiting, as well as Gerald's Game.