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  1. It's an okay album I was disappointed many of the songs fall flat and are forgettable. This tea I was not impressed with these songs.
  2. Does anyone else have night terrors? I get them a few times month. If you don't know what night terrors are. Sleep terrors are episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep. Also known as night terrors, sleep terrors often are paired with sleepwalking. A sleep terror episode usually lasts from seconds to a few minutes, but episodes may last longer. I woke up from one a few minutes ago. I remember bits of the dream everyone was murdered around me and the killer was stepping on my chest to kill me. Next thing I knew I was awake screaming help.
  3. Going slightly off topic but they are remaking The Witches with Anne Hathaway as The Grand High Witch. There is nothing wrong with the 1990 movie with Anjelica Huston in fact the effects in that movie are what made it horrifying. Modern effects are often too glossy to have a certain aesthetic charm that many older movies do. I mean Will Smith's Genie looks like a gargantuan abomination in the Aladdin remake.
  4. I deserve to meet Taylor for life changing advice about songwriting and because Taylor is fucking amazing. I also deserve to meet Demi and Sabrina and Miley and Mariah I could go on but I won't
  5. They better leave Misery the fuck alone tho.
  6. Party for one was cute but I don't really listen to it. Hopefully this is a bigger bop.
  7. It looks boring to me. It's probably gonna be Disney's flop of the year. The other remakes are gonna break records almost certainly.
  8. Well the year that Katy hosted the vmas I was looking for somewhere to discuss the vmas and found COP. I was tired of lurking on Atrl. I wasn't active until like September/October around when Tell Me You Love me came out.