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  1. Have any famous people blocked you?

    Hopefully Whisperlina does.
  2. 5a3638652f41d_tenor(5).gif.db88539f937f43ae855fd2fda7f14490.gif


    I hope someone people can attend My Can't be Tamed Listening Party later today. Perhaps it wont be as tragic of a flop that my Don't Forget Listening Party was.



  3. Random Thoughts

    I guess I'm stereotypical in this regard this is what I think about mostly, no all the time. I at least hope that my soulmate has the same appetite that I do. Lord help me lol.
  4. Tana Mongeau vs. Trisha Paytas

    I'm not really a fan of either. W I was at one point subscribed to Trisha I just got kinda annoyed. However I like the queen who gave us all these iconic gifs more than Tana Mongoloid, and she can make me laugh on occasion unlike Mongoloid.
  5. Happy Birthday Kipperskipper♡

    @kipperskipper Happy Birthday Legendary Lana Stan. Enjoy it.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Sometimes I feel like a pathetic wretch. Right now I do.
  7. Buzzfeed makes another pointless clickbait article, 23 people who had a worse 2017 than you.

    All I want for Christmas is the death of Cancerfeed.
  8. This is nothing new , considering this website's reputation, for nonsense. It is essentially the pinnacle of internet cancer. Basically, they gathered stories from the Buzzfeed community, From sex fails to wedding disasters, here are the stories that'll make you feel better about your year. The " so called community" could have just made random shit up honestly. The whole website is just filled with pointless, boring shite, as many know. This is a website that made an article called “15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs” So groundbreaking. Anyway I thought I'd share this. Read it if you want however you may lose brain cells. @Bobs Vagene Thoughts? I imagine you hate this website as much as I do,Considering it is an "sjw" breeding ground. I was unfortunate enough to stumble across this, but it felt worth sharing. https://www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/maggots-in-your-vagina-wow?utm_term=.raP1NDglr#.snxe0PAd5
  9. Demi Lovato - Lovatics

  10. Demi Lovato - Lovatics

    It's alright, I'll be having a Demi Listening Party in the future probably early January though.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I've scrolled through the horror section on netflix but honestly I've never seen one that looks shitty enough to hold my attention. Do you have any movies that are so bad its good to recommend?
  12. Random Thoughts

    You should read this random mini story I wrote for Cop Survivor you may find it entertaining.
  13. Have any famous people blocked you?

    Haha and you're a bad bitch.
  14. Azealia Banks says she cried after Wendy Williams called her a prostitute on live tv.

    This video is enough proof, that she is a vile disgusting individual. I don't know why anyone stans her honestly.