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  1. Why include Cardi collabs to match the Queen tracks tho? IOP is superior and Metacritic said so.
  2. Top 10 on Itunes Sia coming for her 2nd #1
  3. Not her trying to come for Gaga, Ariana,Cardi, Drake, Travis, Kylie, Atlantic, Spotify,HDD, Billboard, Pitchfork and even Stormi all in a few days LOL, One of the biggest meltdowns ever!!
  4. LMFAOOO this bitch is crazy at this point, the fact she's still saying Queen sold 200k when it was just 185k LOL
  5. This horrible woman is shameless she's like "ok but nobody said anything when Lady Gaga worked with a SEXUAL ABUSER TOO" admiting what she did. Enjoy your quick lil single who will cost you your already free falling career.
  6. Sweetener is really meh, but breathin is almost Into You status

  7. Probably getting d***ed down at some gym locker room
  8. I'm not saying they had the same success is just the comparison, 1D went from SOML to Drag Me Down (a hit that stick like grits) and 5H went from Work From Home to .........Down (really down)
  9. To be fair with Camila 1D didn't flop into oblivion after Zayn left
  10. For me Camila and Khalid, their careers are almost based on paid streams and radio support
  11. That's really impressive but she's far from being a main pop girl, no #1 single, no grammy, no album with +200k debut, no album with +5M WW she's probably the most succesful of the ex-acts that's for sure.
  12. This is probably one of the biggest recent flops only based in all the stunts she made to get that #1 and still failed . The second week is going to be a mess, coming for that 80-90% drop