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    Nick Jonas announced that he is indeed gay at the BBMAs yesterday. The 'Find You' singer hosted & performed at the BBMAs yesterday. From entering the veneu with a car together with co-host Dua Lipa, to give a incredible speech about LGBT. In that speech, Nick Jonas mentions the gay community, artists supporting him & telling the world he is in fact a gay men. He tells the following in his speech, in case you missed the show "I'd like to focus on a point that has been in the media a lot, first with my dear friend Shawn, and now with me. It's absolutely tragic to see how papers mislead one and a other, they've published a article about me that I came out as gay to promote my album, I'm indeed gay, but why whould I come out for a publicity stunt? I've been hiding this for so long *tears up a little*, and I'm sad to see how papers can actually publish this things. Many artists have supported me, and I'd like to thank them a lot for having my back, I'm, so fucking what? People can love the same sex, nothing wrong with that. I hate that the hate towards gay is still so big. We need to stand together and not let people bring us down who has a opinion about gay people! *Tears over his face, still crying*.", the singer was absolutely heartbroken as he spoke the sentiment words. Insiders say he cried for a whole 5 minutes backstage, surrounded by Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Kesha & Madonna to cheer him up. He went on to continue to host the show and perform like he never even cried. We asked Nick Jonas' his Management for further explanation and they received the following statement from Nick: "I'm very strong to have done this, my dear friend Shawn stood by my side for every moment of the night, he didn't even knew I was gay until the very moment I told the world on stage while hosting, backstage everyone was happy for me, but I cried a lot.. Just happy tears, and fear tears, what would the world think of me? I've been staying of social media for the past hours, to avoid negative reactions, I don't know what fans have told me.. But, I need to be happy, and coming out was the very first step to be happy.. I'm actually seeing someone, and I'm very happy to announce that".. TMZ wishes Nick Jonas all the best of luck, and we're proud of him that he's got strength to come out on live television for million of people.
  2. CREATE A LABEL: SEASON 4 | Discussion Thread

    @Adam I can help if you need some help with CAL etc.. I could update the calendar for you etc, if your laptop actually stopped working.

    You guys, yasss. Nick coming out as gay, Miley world premiere of the music video, all those performances —>
  4. im crying, this is amazinc, the last part “all i want is you, and mee”

    Miley Cyrus announces that the music video for 'Someone Else' will have a world premiere at the BBMAs this Saturday!
  6. CREATE A LABEL: SEASON 4 | Discussion Thread

    Friday, so you'll have a whole week to deliver promo for the song, because if you release it before the next friday, like on Wednesday, it'll count for the first update of charts.
  7. CREATE A LABEL: SEASON 4 | Discussion Thread

    When wll the calender be updated with the new bookings?
  8. Did Halsey do that with Closer?

    I’m curious how it sounded when Camila would be on the track, would it have been #1?