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  1. Miley Cyrus on Wendy Williams Talks about cancelling tour, new album, Ready Or Not & what's to come. Wendy Williams Our next guest is one of the biggest pop stars of recent times She went from a Disney darling to a twerk machine overnight and we all know I haven't been the biggest fan of her recent antics but she has a new album she's promoting so we're gonna have a talk anyway Give it up for Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus *Big Bad Wolf plays as Miley enters the room* Hi, guys! *Waves to fans & audiencemembers* Wendy Williams Welcome back to the show So, you released an album two seconds ago and you've somehow already finished a new one Why and how did that happen? Did you pull a Rihanna and get a bunch of writers to do all the work for you or...? Miley Cyrus Actually, no. I can write my own stuff, to be very honest with you, this album was pushed forward since I got the time, I had to cancel my Bangerz Tour two months ago which was heartbreaking to me, I started working on my second album because I had many idea's for songs, and it's finished. It's a gift to my fans for supporting me, that's why the album is so fast and I'm not mad about it, can't wait to get back to perform. Wendy Williams So, you can't share exactly why the tour was cancelled? Miley Cyrus I think I shared that when I published my statement on all of my official accounts. Wendy Williams Yes, you said you had projects coming up that you were cancelling it for Now, you're saying you had to cancel it and you then worked on the album to make up for it What's the truth, hunny? Miley Cyrus Maybe I twisted words, project weren't projects after all, as I suffered from suicidal thoughts, depression and more. I've struggled with this for a very long time, and as I got more into fame and officially debuted in the music business, it got more & more. I never could've continued with it since it would've gone the whole wrong way. I've dealt with my issues, I'm healthy again, enjoying life and ready for this album to be released later this year with my lead single coming tomorrow. Wendy Williams Oh, I'm sorry, honey Well, we're glad you're healthy and out on the right path with your new album coming out The single's called Ready Or Not, right? Miley Cyrus Yes, it is! The song is really a female/girl empowering song which is exactly what we need right now! Wendy Williams Oh, so is there a remix with a bunch of other girls on it? Miley Cyrus That's a great idea yes, we've been thinking about that actually Maybe it will come in the future, I would love to have some incredible females hop on the remix Wendy Williams Can I be invited? Miley Cyrus We'll see about that Wendy Williams Well, anyway, we don't know what this song sounds like So, musically, how would you describe it to us? Is it trap again? Miley Cyrus No, it's actually WAY different then what I did with Bangerz, the whole album actually, it's just a catchy song with great lyrics to it that you'll remember fast, I tweeted a snippet out earlier this week and today and I've been getting a lot of positive reactions! Wendy Williams So, it's generic? Actually, I'm being told right now that we have a snippet of the song Let's take a listen  Oh, it sounds like you've sampled The Fugees Are you a fan of them?  Miley Cyrus Actually, I kinda do. "Killing Me Softly With His Song" is such a great song, after that I was listening to some other songs and it matched just perfectly, we already did a instrumental and stuff for "Ready Or Not" bu we re-arranged that into a sample of The Fugees song. Wendy Williams Well, you do you, girl I love having someone new and hip with the young people like you introducing the young generation to 90s music Is that a theme on this album by any chance? Miley Cyrus Not really, we really went on to the pop genre with this album, with reflecting on my roots. I come from Nashville, and there is this song "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" that really tells a powerful story that no matter how hard you mess up, you'll always find your way back home! I'm really proud of this album and it's making me, in my own opinion, more professional than I was with Bangerz. Wendy Williams Well, that certainly seemed like it was needed but I'm glad you're going back to your ... roots Right before we let you go, I need to compliment your beautiful brown hair Is it a weave like mine? Miley Cyrus No, wow! This is actually my own hair, but sometimes I add a weave for the fun of it. Love your hair too! Wendy Williams Thank you, dawling and thank you for coming in today You guys can go check out Miley Cyrus' single Ready Or Not when it comes out tomorrow and look out for her new album coming very soon We'll be right back after the break Miley Cyrus Wwoow!
  2. I suggest @Damita Jo sits back on their seat and shut the fuck up. Bye sis.
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  4. To be honest, some of the collaborations in the beauty world seems so fake, like; "Let's pretend we like each other for the video"
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