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  1. I thought she was covering Ariana Grande's Into You
  2. I love it! I merged your thread @MSL into the original (this one) and pinned your post.
  3. Can't wait for Episode 2
  4. LMAO, you wanna get yourself dragged? Ariana Grande went through a shit load of terrible stuff and that you even dare to speak like that about it is absolutely disrespectful. She's still dealing with the Manchester Attack which is why she is PTSD. And then the fact Mac Miller died which she was close friends with and had a relationship with for two years is also heartbreaking to see. She's going through some real though shit and you're here not giving a fuck? I'm disgusted. She needs to take her team to heal with her loved ones surrounding her. Show some respect.
  5. Why are you guys doing this at 12 AM when I need to sleep bc work tomorrow
  6. I really want to get the iPhone XR. I love the design and I WANT THAT RED VERSION. But I can pick out a new phone September 2019 , so I'm going to save money for it.
  8. Idk if Shake it Out from Florenche is an emotional song but it makes me cry sometimes