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  1. sexual orientation

  2. Miley Cyrus | Younger Now | August 18

    I'm gonna wait until the full album. I wanna hear all he new work together.
  3. This only says how pressed you are bout her
  4. Is Beyonce Overrated?

    Sis, I can't with all of the nonsense up there
  5. Ariana's live performances

    She isn't even a good performer. But the girl has a great voice. Thing that not many can relate.
  6. Big Brother - LEMONADE Edition

    All Night
  7. Beyoncé is not overrated

    Never gonna get over it when it comes from Beyoncé.
  8. Beyoncé is not overrated

    Bootylicious wasn't the only song song in the album. she won it
  9. Top 3 albums of 2017? (so far)

    SZA - CTRL Kendrick Lamar - DAMN Drake - More Life
  10. where is everyone from?

    Spain here
  11. Beyoncé is not overrated

    Beyoncé has won ASCAP songwriter of the year. Tell me when Lorde? Let me answer for you... Never.
  12. Beyoncé is not overrated

    When in the life one of those new "singers" gonna perform with so much fierce like Beyoncé did at VMAs. Never.
  13. Beyoncé is not overrated

    We, her fans. Don't need interviews nor nothing like that. Her music, her tour, her new projects is all we love from her.
  14. Beyoncé is not overrated

    Once again, she didn't flop with Lemonade. So why other "singers" couldn't sold out their last tour? A new album always call to go to the next tour.