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  1. @Nicki Minaj I know I've bugged you about listening parties, but do you want to help me host one that I have in mind? It's different from the other ones in the fact that it will feature a variety of fan fave songs instead of from a certain artist and we could possibly do a Christmas one for a couple of days in December.

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    2. jackgrande


      Omg we NEED to do a Christmas listening party. Someone should make a collaborative Spotify Christmas playlist and then we can all add the songs we like but obviously have a track limit, otherwise it would be the longest listening party 

    3. G.U.Y.


      @Nicki Minaj Alright, that sounds great! :)

      @jackgrande That's exactly what I have in mind! I'll let you help me with the Christmas one too. :P

    4. jackgrande


      yasss i can’t wait