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  1. Pedosexual now added to 'LGBT' (FAKE NEWS)

    Disgusting. It's fake though. We don't claim "pedosexual" at all.
  2. Well, I've been hard at work on a music project for class and it's involving Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's duet of Winter Wonderland. It's really fun. :)

  3. This whole Demi bandwagon hate shit is getting old. I enjoy both Katy and Demi and I have nothing against them.
  4. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    Yeees, me too!
  5. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    I wish it was. I'm wanting Heal Me to be the lead single
  6. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    It's just a song for the ASIB soundtrack, lol.
  7. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    Lol, well, you'll have to wait unil March when the ASIB lead single comes out.
  8. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    Yeees! The soundtrack is going to be more than incredible.
  9. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    I wouldn't doubt if there's a trailer coming next month.
  10. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    Loool, sorry about that! I doubt it will be a single to be honest, but we'll wait and see how it goes.
  11. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    Yes, so am I! I know it's going to be a great movie and the songs will be amazing.
  12. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    @Moebius @Khris @CUZ!CAN @badgallaura @ACT2
  13. Lady Gaga | The Shallow | TBA

    I read on an article that was released earlier today on EW and Bradley Cooper mentioned that "The Shallow", produced and written by Gaga and Mark Ronson, was among one of the stand-out tracks of the ASIB soundtrack. If you want to read more about it and what A Star is Born is going to be like, here's the article. http://ew.com/movies/2017/12/06/lady-gaga-a-star-is-born-first-look/