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  1. Lady Gaga is a disgusting slut that would do anything for attention. She ate Xxxtincts ashes so ASIB and shallow would be successful
  2. Xxxtinct and Lil Peeps sextape is out on Ghostoopla. Go stream it for clear skin
  3. Igloo is a ugly whore that looks like a Drag race contestant atleast her plastic body is helping. When she dies she wont be buried but she'll be recycled along with juice bottles
  4. Igloo really think she did sometihing. She should create a pornhub account coz Rap is not for her. Maybe she'll become the most streamed pornstar in the world if she did
  5. Lady Gaga is a ugly whore with a horse face and disgusting body. Even if she was prostitute no one would buy her yeast infected pussy
  6. Billy Goat the new main pop girl is showing Toolbar shift flames. Meme! lost it #1 position after on day..The lowest is what? Billy Elephant is that bitch. Meme! has no signs of longetivity...even LWYMMD didnt loose the spot so fast. Billy Goat is the New Toolbar. Toolbar is about to tank harder than a swimming Adele. We decided to upgrade our stancards
  7. They see that Tooblar Shift is underperforming and they now creating new records. The lowest is what...negeitive infinity They be like "Toolbar is the first white woman with blonde hair and cats to debut on #1 spotify global". Toolbar switch is over and shes about to know how it feels like to have a Wheatness era
  8. U stan Slutty Peri a Donald trump hardcore stan so im not surprised by ur seethings
  9. When did she say that? Im her stan buts thats new to me
  10. Toolbar is about to have her witness era. Watch and see in no time she'll be looking like a walmart Bieber just like Kurry Peri Peri
  11. Are we gonna pretend like thats good for a Katy lead
  12. Toolbar shift really made people to wait for that ringtone. The lowest is what? Chained to dildos was woke fresh creative bop and yall let it flop to an oblivion. The bitch had a nerve to say "U cant spell awesome without me" on a real studio song. The disrespect And the GP is eating it up. This is so disgusting. Even maroon 5 would've rejected that shitty ringtone. Cant wait to see it freefall on dildoboard 9n 2nd week. Chained to sex chains is far superior than that mess. Katy won