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  1. Everytime i see dishes in the sink waiting for me I feel like shooting myself. I hate washing dishes. I'd rather clean the whole yard
  2. The highly anticipated KatyZedd collab is predicted to debut at #60. The queen has another top 60 on lock(Bon-Cut-Dick Apple) teas
  3. We stan a rich queen. Kylie Jenner who
  4. It was 2015 when my father beated me for stealing his coins. Its what i deserved. Ever since then I've never shed a tear. We stan a strong cold bitch What about u?
  5. I currently have $15... Can I graduate already and stop being poor What about yall guys? Flaunt ur coins
  6. Im screaming. Thank u for educating me sis So what the fck must i eat my cereal with?
  7. Nowadays u need to have lots of social media follower to be relevent for a long time and most of successful artists have a lots of followers I here people saying queen Corolla Cupboardello will flop on her next album while she has 30m IG followers...Its not realistic Is it possible to fade away with millions of followers? Discuss sistrens