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  1. Shes about to perform that shit in front of the celebrities. I- I can already imagine those 1 2 cha cha cha
  2. I dont like Lazy Goose Goose but I think I agree
  3. Didnt yall drag me when I said Maradonna is out of her mind she should keep her ringtone coz its gonna be trash. I knew it before she dropped How are yall expecting a dinosaur species to make a good mordern song. Its 2019 wake the fuck up for heavens sake. Katy fuckin Perry cant make a good ringtone anymore while would u think Hagdonna will? When u do clownery the clown bites back
  4. Atleast Normani doesnt shove a stinking mouth in rappers mouths just to sell. U are stanning a whole extinct creature and Im actually shocked by the fact theres a human being stanning her here on COP.
  5. Hsjdkdjdjdjdjjdjdjdkdksisugsgsjskkxkdkdjxjdjjxjdh sorry. I didnt read properly
  6. Her last album was Rebel heart 2015. Do u even know what u talking about?
  7. Reciepts of 4M copies. I dnt believe in riddles. It didnt even reach gold in US
  8. She just teased new music on her Social accounts
  9. Whos gon tell her? She keeps ruining her legacy and right now she about the drop a whole album full of trash ringtones that no ones gonna stream. Our Grannies are dead!!!! We have Ariana now
  10. Did u lie? Did u fuckin lieeeeeeeeeeee (Im Ariana voice)
  11. Tea and they fucked. No one can convince me otherwise. Jay Z was a bad man during those days
  12. They only held up because her career was already revived by king Drakula and if Anti didnt have Work as a lead It would've flopped