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  1. Random Thoughts

    My boyfriend will kill me.
  2. Random Thoughts

    I want this so BAAAAAAD
  3. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    Ironically she's the one of the most acclaimed artist but her music doesn't appeal to GP that makes her unique in my opinion.
  4. They shouldn't have spent that much but anyways That's sweet.
  5. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    I just checked the lyrics and OMFG.
  6. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    Do not compare Goddonna and the peasant ever again.
  7. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    Iggy was huge back in the days. Look where her career is. He'll be forgotten like his ol' band mates.
  8. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    You stan Zayn. He's irrelevant since when he left OD. Let's not reach darling.
  9. Katy Perry clarifies Plastic Surgery rumors

    Queen of Exposing Closeted Bisexuals.
  10. introducing a legend

    Yeah, thanks to payola.
  11. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    That motor type sound
  12. introducing a legend

    Ac icon was born
  13. my loneliness is killing me and I-I must confess I still believe (still believe) when you're not here I lose my mind give me a sign hit me baby one more time

  14. Do you stan disgusting pigs?

    No, I do not stan Justin Bieber.