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  1. i remembered my password hi :gaycat14:

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    2. Homojénik


      Oh MY GOD, Welcome back legend!

    3. Treacherous Swiftie

      Treacherous Swiftie

      Oh my god you're back! Welcome back. Last time you were here I was KingofCrescentLovatic lol.

    4. Black Beauty 💫

      Black Beauty 💫

      Omg yassss bitch!! Welcome back!! (LegendaryWitness here) 

  2. I hope she never puts this stupid bean head man's song on her album
  3. whew, your username and your avi/signature! WIG FLEW

  4. me and my friends after having my 12021322804th meltdown in one day
  5. Recently Penus came on shuffle and my wig flew to the Mars
  6. bone apple dick babe


  7. The second one I guess . The first one counts as well imo
  8. Dying? 2010 was the BEST year of pop music also, don't HUN at me ever again + It's so sad that you try to hit me with that ''eww u stan avril ewww '' thing. At least she lasted more than 2 eras. I always have been known that you were a delulu but NOT that much.
  9. imagine thinking that putting on Halloween costumes have pushed boundaries in pop music