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  1. Why did you just vanish? 

  2. Where are you bitch? :disgusted:

  3. Can mods lock this cringeworthy thread already? You guys are the pain in the ass.
  4. new era loading...

  5. Once I was shopping for my cousin's newborn baby, I saw Melanie Martinez and I asked what is she doing here. She smiled at me and said I'm gonna flick your vagina and I said I don't have a vagina but she didn't listen to me and she threw unsold Cry Baby copies at me. How rude.
  6. Why don't y'all go and join my soundtrack megarate???????

    1. Trainwreck


      Sis we joined but 20 upvotes is too fucking much :allyfan: 

  7. Mods can some of you tag all members to my Soundtrack Megarate and pin it please?

  8. Is it true that Katy will release Save As Draft as a single?

    1. AngryAzalean


      I doubt it, a random account tweeted "Katy" and a date, but I have no clue if there reliable or not, it would be weird to release another single after Hey Hey Hey though 

  9. She tried to pull on a Gaga. That thing is tragic as fuck. She could do so much better.
  10. At least this bop won a Grammy somewhere.