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  1. i pierced my ear and my mum is fuming wiG

  2. birthday boy has arrived :xtinaperf:

    1. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      Happy Birthday love!!! :party:

    2. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      thank u <3


  3. For me, it's a bit too much. Do they bother me? Absolutely not. They look sexy btw.
  4. let's ride :xcxtits:

  5. This thread is a hot mess like James Charles' recently ended 'career'
  6. round and round like a horse on a carousel :demishook:

  7. 1. Secret: 242. Survival: 173. I'd Rather Be Your Lover: 176. Human Nature: 679. Sanctuary: 13 -1 10. Bedtime Story: 17 +1 11. Take A Bow: 10
  8. Dear Madonna, I don't know why you released that trashy album called Hard Cunty. I wish you haven't released that shit.