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  1. Ariana stan NNNNN OT: Katy above Gaga as usual 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼
  2. go buy 365 on iTunes fats

  3. She was hugging him because it's the last day and she doesn't wanna let go? It's a 365 days test, near the end it shows it was the end of test. She actually grew feeling for him even though she's a robot? That's why she hugs him so hard? Cause her affection level has gone to max, and the higher the affection is, the harder she hugs, it shows one of the scenes. AHHHH
  4. demi : is it possible to order everything off the menu, wait you know what, imma eat light today. Ok can I get a number two with bacon and add Mac Sauce with an extra large fry, a coke with that as well. Is the coke hard white or powder ???
  5. how could Katy not notice that I- Well it made her the highest paid female of 2018 over your fave
  6. omggggg I’m scared ,I’m about to take a big big big long test 🙈☁️

  7. edgy queen and interesting read as well
  8. how y’all feel about Bad Idea ???? that shit cute af
  9. so that mean they flop ????? No it doesn’t .