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  1. unnecessary interludes. In the Rhythm Nation 1814 album, Janet has the most random interludes
  2. oh wow what a great achievement to chart in a third world country
  3. I love rasinets (chocolate covered raisins)
  4. I don’t think Katy would get inspiration from a meth head but I looks like Zayn did though from the looks of his current non existent music career
  5. just because I’m not all in your face or speak to you all the time doesn’t mean we aren’t friends
  6. I agrih with @Homojénik , it’s good to see her leave and stop infesting the music world !!
  7. How can you take her serious??? Her name is Meghan Trainor !! Like who tf does that shit ??? Her name should be Meghan Anitta Trainer Ann a gym membership
  8. Yes , I only love it when I have plans that I don’t want to go to that involves being outside
  9. it's so sick and twisted on how the world doesn't revolve around me 

  10. a song that came out in October still in the top ten Gaga ha power
  11. No I can’t live without Human Nature nnnn
  12. Y’all jumping to extremes say nicki should cancel the whole tour omg nnnnnnn