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  1. wait we back nnnn

  2. mmmhm when did I even infer or say that hun ?
  3. I’d say #3 considering the fact of all of the payola promo the song is getting
  4. a bop , now I’m finna go watch the video
  5. Just because it’s over doesn’t means it’s really overrrr

  6. omg it was in the top ten for less than a month LMAOOOOO
  7. spent 90% of my junior & senior year scrolling on COP but I graduated lol nnnn

  8. i graduate tomorrow, very excited 

    1. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      congrats <3 

  9. katy perry katy perry katy perry katy perry katy perry
  10. omg lemme stop studying for my finals to watch nnnn