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  1. huh, after clicking "resend confirmation email" on popjustice every couple months for over 2 years... it finally worked.

    guess it's a sign.

    later nerds x

  2. things will never change for the better zzz

  3. or someone add me: harm#0172 and then add me to the chat
  4. not Lorde; Jack Antinoff produced both songs so he pretty much just copied himself
  5. give me the Discord link someone please
  6. no it's a Sia song; the song off FF is just "Gasoline"
  7. get into this exotic EP girls, it was almost one of my absolute favorite projects of 2017
  8. Fire Meet Gasoline is one of the best songs of all time
  9. For what it's worth I'm more serious about physical abuse than other things because one of my dad's exes physically harmed me a couple times as well as an old pair of foster parents. It's why I was lowkey not sympathetic at all when XXX died because he was a piece of shit to his girlfriend. As angry as I get I could never throw hands at someone and if I did I would never forgive myself. Would rather hit myself.
  10. also Pokemon Sun & Moon are great games, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is where they royally fucked up and the new Let's Go! games look abysmal.
  11. good thing I don't play any other game (:
  12. that's 3-time Rainbow Road world champion in Mario Kart to you hun x
  13. I'm dumb as shit sis but not that dumb