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  1. this just reminded me that I'm seeing her next month.
  2. Just saw and started streaming my Havana playlist!!!! We're coming for that #1
  3. Camila Cabello

    Same. AGRTG
  4. Camila Cabello

    I listened to it from beginning to end!! The song order makes so much sense. From unheard, the mainstream pop bops are definitely I'm into It and She Loves Control. Additionally, my faves are Something's Gotta Give and In the Dark. My opinions of Inside Out did not change. I love it because this album is so Camila, anyone that's followed her will understand how perfectly this fits as her debut. What about you?
  5. Camila Cabello

    But I'm still waiting for 9PM PST.... So less than 3hrs lol
  6. Camila Cabello

    Yup, but I was talking about today, when it was released in Australia first.
  7. Camila Cabello

    I see what you mean. Reflection, the album, has some good songs. 1000 Hands was also one of my faves.
  8. Camila Cabello

    It'll be 5AM for me here in California, I'm gonna try to wait though.
  9. Camila Cabello

    Solo Camila is where it's at. Even when she was in 5H though she had her moments.
  10. Camila Cabello

    Ohhhh. Lol. I was like 🤔 I know it's out in Australia in about 7hrs. I have an Australian Spotify account and a VPN ready... But I lowkey want to wait until at least Friday 12AM.
  11. Camila Cabello

    I think the snippets aren't full snippets. Like, they aren't full segments, just small pieces of melodies and rhythms that make up the segments, if that makes sense?
  12. Camila Cabello

    The visuals made this performance. First time I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Friday needs to hurry up!
  13. Camila Cabello

    Did y'all see that!!!! Me at 3:46
  14. Camila Cabello

    I'm praying for a small venues tour. She already opened... She needs her own tour. I'm trying to see a full show of CAMILA.