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  1. Happy Birthday Kalli - Xronia Polla <3

    1. KalliDonna


      Ευχαριστώωωωωωωωωωωωω εχω να μπω εδω πόσο καιρο!

  2. 100 Madonna not bias but she's THE legend!Her career is groundbreaking and iconic!Inspiration for so many that came after still today!!Queen of pop
  3. Madonna received huge backlash during both erotica (there was even the I hate Madonna handbook smh) and american life she received death threats, she's banned from US radio etc Hung up smashed records ww but received 0 play in the US, after erotica it wasn't until ROL and her damage control years to come back (with the mother good girl image) after erotica. The difference is Madonna is bigger ww while Janet's main market is the US. Madonna has suffered low sales in the US ever since like a prayer with only her 1/4-1/5 of her sales coming from there excluding (TIC)
  4. KalliDonna


    I really enjoy it! I like HC energy as whole!Not one of my fave M album but I enjoy listening to it
  5. KalliDonna


    I am in for a whatever lp let's tag more ppl and choose something
  6. KalliDonna


    I am in for whatever you all want I am working on my pc so can take a break to join the LP
  7. KalliDonna


    I have no issue wherever today or Thursday Friday!You guys pick whatever album you want I'm happy with everything!
  8. KalliDonna


    TEA omg LAP is iconic @Ray of Lightsays he wants the AL LP so it's out also so Idk whatever you guys want I just wanted to have some fun in our stanbase
  9. KalliDonna


    we still haven't done AL,MDNA and HC, AL could be a good option too?
  10. KalliDonna


    Oh ok didn't see that one when is it?We can do the RH one sooner and be hosted by @Chaos Angel
  11. KalliDonna


    I'm living a concept!!We love a creative mutual