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  1. @badgallaura you can leave me out of the group bc i'm going to sleep so i won't be active for the next 10 hrs
  2. asylum is the definition of horror, i loooved this season bc it was creepy af and it had an amazing cast and plot coven and murder house share the 2nd place, then roanoke, hotel and freak show, my least favorite season of them all, although Jessica's cover of Gods and Monsters introduced me to lana (i knew who she was before the show, but never really got into her music)
  3. i think i'm gonna start stanning HAIM :poot:

  4. my bff doesn't give two shits about me anymore :roserun:

  5. this was the most awkward interview i've ever watched poppy (the character) is weird and her yt vids scare me
  6. yeah, i'm sure i'm gonna love it after a couple of listens
  7. i always stream music on spotify that's why i had to wait till midnight
  8. - That's It will never grow on me, no matter how hard i will try - I Got Time is my fav, a motherfucking bop - TWIA a cute bop - (Not) The One i still don't know how i feel abt it, the production is quite good, but the lyrics are so simple... - Comfortable sounds like a rihanna reject and i don't understand what kranium, whoever he is, is singing - that country feature on Meant To Be in conclusion AYF: PT.1 >>>>>>> AYF: PT.2 goodnight ladies