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  1. MESS at the last part, her kill is one of my favorites but I did wish she lasted longer, at least til the party officially started. I like all of the girls tbh! A perfect cast next to Black Xmas remake
  2. (We should change this to “horror movie stan thread” cause ima just be updating all the horror movies ive seen lol!) I rewatched Sorority Row after finding out they added it to Shudder (they knew I was threatening to cancel so they made a last ditch effort to keep my coins!) and my Little brother watched with me, that movie really WAS made for the gays No wonder it got bad reviews initially because we are the minority and the bOring STRAIGHT GP stays trashing GOOD horror movies just because they are feminine nn, I just got too political my bad. Either way it’s a fun ass film, it doesn’t feel as long as it is which is always a good thing. If anyone else likes tis movie besides Kyle and I, tell me your favorite character Mine is Jess the blonde bitch that makes Regina George seem like Mother Teresa, and Ellie because of her introverted and fragile personality but ends up being a bad bitch in the end
  3. Lets do a listening party for tomorrow or monday
  4. He’s always been a godly producer, i mean his production on Gwen’s albums >>>>>> I just think he tried a little too hard with Sweetner.
  5. Its just like Act2’s gifs, it just don’t work
  6. I’m excited to call you Tana in threads lmao, already a refreshing member I loves it
  7. Im gonna need you all to be my friend because I’m tired of being scared of being randomly sent home
  8. I wouldn’t mind if it did, it’s just the production wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be
  9. You stay thinking that is all I listen to, I recognize good pop when I hear it but still you don’t know who I’m bumping everyday