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  1. Its a bop (kinda) but it sounds horribly mixed, the autotune is so in your face, and not us being able to hear her saliva in her verses It sounds like a fan leaked her acapella and slapped some echo on it and attached a basic reggaeton beat on it The spanish parts are when it picks up, but the cha cha is corny Anyways, still excited for the album
  2. The gag is i didnt try because Lilith didnt Watch out for the next challenge cuz im coming
  3. Ariana is VILE, I find it funny we used to make fun of her for not enunciating her words when she sings, but she sure as hell enunciates when she uses her tired blaccent, I can't stand ha. It's a guilty pleasure I'll give her that, Monopoly IS a bop, you can catch me listening to a youtube to mp3 converted version because that sis is not getting any coin from me
  4. I will never idolize someone that much, I could care less if the prize is to meet my fave, now for a chance to win a million dollars? Bon Appetit Baby
  5. Don't wait on ha @Venus I obviously didn't try as hard as everyone else, just continue...
  6. It’s already better than Rebel Heart I smell a 90% latin and reggaton influence on the alberm
  7. Thats just the way Medoner screenshotted it, the original picture on twitter doesn’t show it twice
  8. Lance looked like a daddy, I'm glad hes the gay one
  9. I watched it live last night, she did fine. The choreography was the worst part for me
  10. Beyonce!!! Are there any links I can watch Bey's and Gagas?
  11. We should really drag the judges by the balls to send their critiques just like they drag me to submit my challenges
  12. Queen of rap, can't wait for Asian and Rico to end up on the charts too
  13. Submitted, sorry guys I had a busy week!! Lets get this thread hype for the final 5