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  1. How much do you guys spend on food/groceries a week, im feeling anxious about overspending :/ 

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    2. aahfeekiee


      @LORDVOLDEMORT I have been to Melbourne for a meek and Sydney for three days and let me just say, the costs of eating out for y'all is a scam. my entire stay I only ate out once ? In Singapore I can walk ten minutes from my house, in the middle of the night, no weapons on me, to have a filling supper for $4. I didn't have that privilege in Melbourne and everything is far and closes early I just :trisha13:

    3. neonnights


      @aahfeekiee I remember when I first got to Melbz, I was shockedT at how expensive some of their food items were. My ass was eating the same shit every day until I worked out a budget. 

      And to answer your question, Barbie, I spend about 70 dollars on groceries. I snack more than I eat big full meals, so I tend to buy small food items. And that healthy shit can get expensive real fast and adds to my cost. 

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      I know the struggle.