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  1. There is nothing wrong with just wanting to listen to women and trans women. Gay men spend their lives emulating women because men and masculine people intimidate gays or they don't fulfill their fantasy of having a gorgeous/talented pop queen to idolize. What I mean is it's easier to stan women because feminine subjects and aesthetics are what appeal to us. I think straight men, gay men, and even trans men fail to grab me because it is either too relatable to me or completely uninteresting when it comes subjects (straight relationships). However personally this isn't the case for EVERY man. For instance, I stan certain queer artists that happen to be men/producers (like Calvin Harris) that are men. And lastly I HATE artists like Lil Phag that use their gayness as a personality trait.
  2. You are so right about Thank You Next, that is such a good song tbh
  3. Like I said that one line just makes it too coincidental. Especially with the flow added, even though lots of people use it. Princess Nokia is annoying but she’s still a black woman who is serious about her art and doesn’t deserve uneducated arinators like the OP dragging her for filth.
  4. Do you not hear the similarities where Ariana says she bought her hair? Same line and delivery. If you don’t know still I can’t help you
  5. Especially because the stans of the bigger artists send hate to the smaller one
  6. Barbie

    The COP Room

    Anyways, enjoy the VIP vodka that just shipped into the Cop Room
  7. I agree that I’ve heard that same flow a million times even when I first heard the Nokia song I thought it reminded me of other songs
  8. No one is saying she invented these things, youre doing too much But the “my hair is mine I bought it” is just too coincidental for my taste
  9. Girl shut up you didn’t know who she was before 7 Rings so you don’t have a say. The second this song dropped in the thread I said it reminded me of another song and I was talking about this one This tea is stale, Orange Blossom and Honey Baby are both from mixtapes, it’s not a wide release like 7 Rings. But you’ll retweet anything an arinator says because you actually have zero knowledge on the entire situation Having said that, Ariana is a thief. Or at least her songwriters are
  10. That movie is a pile of crap. I hate that a man is the main character, the waitress ladies were much more likable. But at least they have a big part in the end. Jason X outsold with the campiness and stupidity
  11. It's really good! I just don't think she's rapping. People are saying she's ending the other female rappers with this track but I don't get "rap" from this. But it's still a bop It also sounds like another song I know but I doubt she copied it.
  12. Barbie

    The COP Room

    A youtuber used this as their intro and it's a bop!