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  1. A couple people walked out of the theater I went to, I understand. I thought it was fine though, my friends liked it too and I didn't know if they would!! I was actually scared they'd get mad at me for dragging them to see it
  2. The song at the end was better. This song sucks
  3. That is lazier than what I did this challenge
  4. Yeah I just struggled hard with this challenge but i thought nobody would go home if i announced me leaving so i wanted to wait til runway lewks so i could bendelacreme myself but i ended up just irritating you all I did this for the ratings
  5. I wanted to quit so i just stayed quiet
  6. Dancing Queen On My Own is definitely the best pop song of all time
  7. Are we allowed to share kickstarter and gofundme’s here? I wanna share one that I really want to succeed. 

  8. The ex-acts getting along is kind of cute.
  9. This lip sync idea is fat Anyways, wtf is out of the box? Like avant garde?
  10. They turned it out with those bops!!!