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  1. I migrate to whichever side of the family is serving mashed potatoes for their dinner I don't believe in celebrating the holiday though, I'm just here to grub
  2. Roasting a pop girl on a pop forum ≠ not having a life
  3. Juicy tracksuit whenever I'm feeling bummy

    Fat jizz rag whenever he's feeling cummy


  4. I'ma do a comparison since nobody else did Walk the Line vs I'm the Best Don't Need Y'all vs Roman's Revenge (RR used to be a favorite of mine but it aged like milk) 100 vs Did it on 'em Change your Life vs Right Thru Me (I've never liked CYL but RTM on the other hand used to be my SHIT. I used to play the musicchoice video on demand constantly when i was younger, it was the radio edit though so for the longest time I'd sing this song like 'how do you do that dish ish' ) Fancy vs Fly (Fly is a bummy ass song I've never liked it, Fancy on the other hand has Charlegend) New Bitch vs Save Me (One of my favorite Nicki songs of all time) Work vs Moment 4 Life (Work is cute but M4L is timeless imo) Impossible is Nothing vs Check it Out (When Nicki said Indie should kill himself? A MESS! We don't stan that behavior, but this song is a bop thanks to Will.i.am's production) Goddess vs Blazin' Black Widow vs Here I Am Lady Patra vs Dear Old Nicki Fuck Love vs Your Love (Fuck Love is a BOP and a half But Your Love is also a favorite Nicki song of mine) Bounce vs Last Chance Rolex vs Super Bass Just Askin vs Blow Ya Mind (Just Askin has a cute beat but the song sucks. IDK what BYM sounds like though) Beg For It vs Muny (You drive a hard bargain making BFI go up against this track, Beg For It is pop EXCELLENCE but Muny is nostalgic because I used to bop to it in 8th grade ) Overall: TNC - 8 PF - 8 The New Classic has some cute bops that aged well for me including Lady Patra and 100, and while Pink Friday might be my least favorite Nicki album, the songs I DO like hold such merit to me and I will always be able to bop to them! Both solid debut's at the end of the day, but Iggy's aged like wine and Nicki's fillers not so much
  5. Theres some really creepy parts in this movie like the Baby side story and the final fight, I'm so glad there was a happy ending cause the whole movie STRESSED ME OUT I'm glad you liked the movie, Julianne deserved her Oscar for this film for SURE. It's one of my favorite movies but I can only watch it once lmao it was really scary.. I'd hate for it to happen to me
  6. No. The season was supposed to be fan service for fans of the coven and murder house seasons which is why I think the characters deserved a happy ending YET MADISON STILL GOT FUCKED OVER But whatever. Gaga didn't belong in this season at all she deserves to come back for a future one though cause it makes her lead in Hotel feel so random
  7. Hey bitch you up

    1. Elusive Loverboy
    2. Salvatore


      I'm tryna find somebody good with graphics or somebody that knows a site where I can make them, streaming Caution by THE Mariah Carey on her day of blessings is a given girl


      you bein a jehovah's witness to a house of prayer :rihwink:

    3. Barbie


      Are you willing to pay because i might know a white twink that can design something for you but also what kind of graphics cuz maybe i could try :wendysass:

  8. Is CupcakKe talented? Yes. How do I know? When you release the same album for the past 3 years you start to recognize the talent that goes into it
  9. And in the same breath made a personal attack on a member from the lounge, but let me mind my business and witness the secondhand embarrassment
  10. Okay but who is mariah lynn 😂😂😂 Shes so fake, hates on cupcakke but the second a stan tells her to defend cupcakke she goes and does it