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  1. Barbie


  2. Can you explain it? I don’t fuck with Nick. He’s gross (not physically but he’s a mess)
  3. Literally none of the videos above are bad picks. I’m honestly surprised at the taste in this thread
  4. Didn't he just call Jackie Aina a gorilla? He can keep his shitty lipsticks
  5. welcome sis, your op is the funniest introduction ive read in a long time, you clocked all of us! I stan a shady new member
  6. Not 3 statuses in a row :keshawelcome:

  7. He ruins the song AND the immature childish vibe also ruins the song, how bou dat
  8. The song isn't good. I defended it but, it grew off on me fast. Like, the production is cute and I loved the hook, but Bread Urine ruins the song.
  9. Meghan Trainor because she makes it, serves it, and eats it
  10. I appreciate the laughs I got from that mom thread Oh marn, never change
  11. Her best song! I hope it doesn't become a single though, since I love it so much I don't want it overplayed
  12. Lowkey SW is terrible to me, I agree