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  1. i agree but you shouldn't forget that THEY WERE TEENS, teens tend to be insecure. It also must be really hard growing up and coexist in such an awkward situation, especially when you have crazy stans analyzing every single move you make and then adjusting it to fit their crazy agenda, (sorry for bad English)
  2. rn, katy, she's been being way too cringy this past few months, A MESS Good sis tryna imitate 2013ley and failing
  3. Malibu has just left the global 50 spotify chart; time to move to the second single sis @Miley Cyrus
  4. omg i love your avi 

    1. Cyrus


      Thank you :wendy27:  omg hi legend, I can tell you have good taste :trisha:

  5. miley stans cause we don't accept the fact miley used black culture for her advantage during the bangerz era Bangerz is still an iconic era the other ex acts try to imitate but fail.