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  1. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    name the bitch

    "M.I.L.F. $" SINGLE RELEASE Title: M.I.L.F. $Artist: FergieRelease: January 18, 2018Gerne: Pop ∙ TrapLength: 02:42Writers: Stacy Ferguson ∙ Jamal Jones ∙ Jocelyn Donald ∙ Webster Gradney ∙ Jeremy Allen ∙ Torence Hatch ∙ Melvin Vernell Producers: Polow Da Don ∙ Stacy Ferguson ∙ Steve Mackey ∙ Blanco "The Ear" Label: Retrofuture Album: No Good (January 26) AUDIO LYRICS
  3. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    Wasn't talking specifically about you, dear, i meant for everyone! It fits for the players as well
  4. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    This might sound a little too serious and rude than what it truly is, so don't take it too serious , BUT: All t no shade, judges, this might be just a silly online game on a pop forum and we all have lives off the game/off the forum but c'mon, don't make a commitment of being a judge if you're not gonna be present. There are people counting on you and depending on you. Just saying, peacefully
  5. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

    https://churchofpop.net/topic/3454-request-emotes-here-new-process/?do=findComment&comment=353335 Upvote this u little bitches @kipperskipper @CUZ!CAN @KarenFromFinance @Melodramátic @P!nk @life13swift @Galactic-tiger @Denis Stoff @Kylie Minogue @Ms. Knee @Nacht @Paper Heart @Cyrus @LegendaryWitness @anxiety @badgallaura @dream @Khris @Ratchet @Ray of Light @Tattooed Heart
  6. New Tomb Raider Trailer Out Now.

  7. New Tomb Raider Trailer Out Now.

    I'M SHOOK i know it's not gonna be a great movie, but at least it will be entertaining AF - just like the first one with Angie (the second one is a mess, and i say this as an Angelina fanatic). I already loved it when i saw the teaser and the first trailer, but this one, wow starting countdown for it, def going on premiere
  8. Random Thoughts

    Just tried watching Timberlake's new video. Couldn't make it til the end, so bad it hurts. A little bit better than Filthy but still shit. What's happening to JT?
  9. Katy Perry Habitually Late for American Idol Tapings.

    Exactly... I understand the problems on being late, but can you imagine the girl's schedule? I mean
  10. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    I can't wait to see yours too! I first thought of Japan since Chinchin is japanese, but it would be too obvious, so i picked one of my favorite cultures, from a specific country. BUT I sucked on the description i didn't know how to explain it in a cohesive form, but it made sense in my mind and i guess i did my best on explaining it lol
  11. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    Uff! what a relieve. Just sent it!
  12. COP Drag Race: Season 2 [Runway Results!]

    Am i super late?? @kipperskipper i had to wake up and travel quickly to another town to get my new phone