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  1. Hi sisters! I know my other jealous drag sisters may have already asked you to vote for them, but if not, can you vote for me? I'm ANDY WHOREL :lips: 

    I can pay with nudes :lips:  just sayin tho

    Thank you very much :gaycat::love: 

    1. kipperskipper


      brb voting for you :gaycattail: dont let the other girlies know or i'll get fired for taking bribes from a contestant :gaycat:

    2. Bianca DULL Rio

      Bianca DULL Rio

      @kipperskipper i'd thank you but making a popularity voting as the first mini-challenge made me want to cut your balls off  :gaycat:

    3. kipperskipper


      :gaycat2:i did it last season too :shrug: we wont have anymore like this tho. its just a way for outside members to see what cop drag race is all about before the season starts :gaycat3:anything to get that free promo/extra ratings and hopefully gain some new fans :gaycattail: