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  1. Pathological Narcissism and Paranoia.

  2. Is it only in here that the white background turned gray? :wendyw: on "COP (Default)" theme

  3. Just watched it, finally. Meh. I was expecting SO much more. It isn't terrible, but it isn't that good. It's... meh.
  4. She sat down and didn't move for a second it didn't seem so staged as the other 73Q videos but in the other hand i almost fell asleep in boredom
  5. I've clayified an alpha hair to a Maxis Match and i'm loving it! and yes i'm in love with this sim, she's so gorgeous i just CAN'T ugh
  6. Yeah, and it seems it's selling kinda well. I mean, the venues aren't huge and it's not sold out but her two nights at the Radio City Music Hall in NY and the Colosseum in Las Vegas are almost sold out so yeah
  7. Not really, no video beats the masterpiece that it’s What You Waiting For