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  1. Do i have to book BBC Radio Live Lounge separetly from the BBC Radio 1 booking or can i put my artist to do it if i already have a booking on BBC Radio?
  2. When i think the Hot Topics are going to be just ok 'cause there hasn't been much happening in the game, i'm still laughing out loud, HOW U DOING DO THIS BITCH @Nicki Minaj i literally live on CAL nowadays for the hot topics, best moment of the week
  3. SHAKIRA @ LORRAINE APRIL 25 This Wednesday edition of Lorraine had the "Whenever, Wherever" singer, Shakira, as the main guest for a new live interview. Talking with the british presenter, the colombian singer got to praise her staying in London town and how much she loves the culture and the people from the sovereign state of the UK: "London is one of my favorite places in the world, the whole city has this misty magical feeling and love this. My british fans are so calm and polite, but very lovely and so nice to me, i love performing in here and staying in here. I thought about buying an apartment in here, but it was very close to the moment when i got together with Piqué, and we ended up buying a house in Barcelona, so yeah. Who knows in the future, perhaps? I'll talk about that with Piqué, i know he loves the UK too, so, yeah" said Shak. Speaking of the english biggest news this week - the born of the new royal baby, Shakira was all nice words to the Duchess & Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William: "A new baby is always a memorial experience you'll never forget - i mean, specially us, moms (laughs) but it's a great experience for the dads as well. Piqué cried when he watched the born of Milan, and then he cried again during the born of Sasha (laughs) he's really sweet. I just wish them the best of luck and lots, lots of happiness and love. Their babies are adorable and they make such a sweet, gorgeous couple!" she said, adding: "I never met them, not yet at least, but they look like two really smart and mind opened people, i'd love to have some tea with them!" said Shaking, winking to the camera as she laughed. The show aired excerpts from the "Transcendental" music video, and Lorraine reminded everyone to stream & purchase the song, as well to pre-order the album, United As One.
  4. I don't really see much problem on 2 songs for more than 1 artist, specially if it's the summer series concerts
  5. I agree! I just don't agree with the GMA 'cause it's really usual for artist to perform live for GMA with 2 songs aired + 1 that isn't aired but you can watch it online
  6. Ahm, i said this because of what you said here: And the Ellen booking, it's only Kash on the calendar and you approved Shak for it 'cause when i sent it, it was free
  7. The May calendar is still white in here, sis! I think it'll be just like April not showing it until it turned April and btw there are some bookings that i've made for Shak and you approved that aren't showing in the calendar, so
  8. Yaaaay my first Metacritic posted! Thank you again to those who reviewed you can read the whole review by clicking on the link (Read full review) @Finessé Knowles
  9. Not much as you tho! And omg i can imagine how stressed you are!! Glad it's coming to an end, 3 weeks only!! and yeah, absolutely, same for me when i was writing for Shak! and that's exactly why i'm looking forward to Identity.
  10. Nahh it's just a demo, and plus: i won't be writing songs for X, that's why this first version of the album is done but i know myself: i'll probably change it a lot yet in the next months, i just can't help it and that's why you're taking so long to release Identity baby, TALENT TAKES TIME
  11. I just finished the first demo cd for Xtina and i'm just... speechless so proud of myself