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  1. SHAKIRA PERFORMS AT THE VOICE GERMANY (Aug. 17) On her free day after two sold out concerts in Paris, Shakira performed at The Voice Germany last night (17), promoting her current and new single, "Downtown". Without Balvin, who's featured in the song, Shak was joined by one of this season's finalists as he sang the male parts of the duet. You can watch the fun performance below! Host: Das war die erstaunliche Shakira, alle zusammen! Ihre neue Single "Downtown" ist jetzt verfügbar! Danke, Shakira!
  2. MORE THAN 30,000 FANS WATCH SHAKIRA AT THE TRANSCENDENTAL WORLD TOUR IN PARIS Venue: AccorHotels Arena Location: Paris, France Tickets Sold: 30,866 [SOLD OUT] Dates: August 15 & 16, 2018 After solding out the O2 arena in London, Shakira made more 30 thousand fans go insane with two dates in Paris with her The Transcendental World Tour, selling every ticked avaialble for her concerts at the AccorHotels Arena. Roading with her new tour made to promote her new album released in July, 'United As One'. With over 15k tickets sold for each night, the Colombian popstar made the french fans dance and jam to classic and new hits from her catalog, and even making one special change on the setlist specially for the french fans: Shaki sang the french classic "Je L'aime A Mourir" by Francis Cabrel, already sang by the singer in her The Sun Comes Out Tour in 2011. Performing the song in both nights, Shaki spoke to the audience in french - one of the seven languages she speaks - and thanked for the love (France has been a big supporter of Shakira since the beginning, and specially on the UAO era), "Je veux vous remercier tous pour votre amour et votre soutien constants, je me sens accueilli chaque fois que je viens en France et cela signifie beaucoup pour moi" said Shak, driving the audience insane. Thankfully, both nights rolled with no technical issues, and just like on the concerts in London, Shaki got down from the stage to interact with the audience again, even taking selfies and getting hugs and kisses, making her say "Je t'aime, France!" many times. The next concert is happening right now in Munich, Germany, for her 9th consecutive sold out show.
  3. CAMERON DALLAS APPEARS & PERFORMS AT THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW Cameron Dallas made a quick trip to Canada while staying in New York for promotion and before travelling back to Los Angeles and appeared at CTV's Marilyn Denis Show this Friday (17) for a new interview and a new performance of his new and first single, "My Boo". Chatting with Denis, Cam got to tell about how was it to meet his idols and inspirations at the VMAs: "It's funny 'cause like, i obviously already knew Shawn [Mendes], and i can't see him as the giantic superstar that he is, 'cause h's always just Shawn with me, so i've never got to see him as like, famous people (laughs)" said Cam, explaining: "But when i got into the place and saw like, Kelly Clarkson, The Weeknd, Britney Spears, Olly Alexander, i thought 'alright this is real' and i was a bit starstruck (laughs), i won't deny! And the funniest part was that the people i got to meet, they were super nice with me" he told, with a shy big smile on his face, making Marilyn laugh, "Not that i was expecting any of them to be rude or something like that, not at all, but i mean, they could've been like 'who's this random dude', you know, and they weren't" said Cam, happy; as Denis answered: "You know why? They been there. Years ago they were in the same position as you are, starting something new and feeling like an outsider. But you're already a star, you're just rising now" said Denis, as the audience applauded and Cameron thanked with a shy smile. MY BOO PERFORMANCE Marilyn Denis: Now that was good! Cameron Dallas everyone, go get and stream his new single "My Boo" now! (audience applauds)
  4. I'm so excited for this album i'll be listening and reviewing it later!!
  5. IT'S METACRITIC TIME! Alright everyone, after a brief hiatus with no releases to review, our hot & cute talented boy Shawn Mendes released his second album! so you know what to do: time to review! Remember: you get $50,000 for a min. 200 words review! @Nicki Minaj @Finessé Knowles @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @Avalanche @Ms. Knee @hammer @FlorianLovato @Tattooed Heart @kipperskipper @Caramel @Bianca Del Rio @ONIKA @Venti @Breakdown @Desperado @Joanne (taggin' who's active in the game, lmk if you wanna be tagged again or if i forgot you)
  6. FERGIE COVERS SPOTIFY BANNERS  Spotify just put Fergie on their banners for the re-issue of her debut album 'No Good', in its platinum re-release. The banner will be live from August 17-23.
  7. FERGIE RELEASES RE-ISSUE OF DEBUT ALBUM 'NO GOOD'  Fergie released this Friday (17) the re-issue of her debut solo album, 'No Good', after reaching platinum internationally for the sales of it. Originally released in January 26, the album had three releases until two weeks ago: the lead single "Look At Me", the second single "M.I.L.F. $", that topped the charts internationally the third single, "It Ain't Easy", and now the fourth double singles, "Biscuit" and "Tension". In a special surprise, Fergie brings out, besides the new single, two more new exclusive songs: the unreleaseds so far, "Uninvited" and "Enchanté", that features her son Axl Jack, and a super remix of "Tension", featuring a big squad of girls: Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta & Pabllo Vittar - solo remixes with each girl will be released next week - and plus six official remixes, including Spears' "Look Who's Talking" remixed with Fergie earlier this year. Artist: Fergie Title: No Good (Platinum Edition) Genre: Pop • R&B • Hip-Hop • Dance • Trap Treatment: Re-issue Release Date: August 17, 2018 Label: Retrofuture Records 1. Give It To You 2. Biscuit 3. Look At Me 4. A.K.A. (feat. T.I.) 5. M.I.L.F. $ 6. Get It Out Me 7. Good Hit 8. Bottle Pop (feat. Snoop Dogg) 9. Tens (feat. Jack Mizrahi) 10. Tension 11. Fired Up 12. Pedestal 13. No Good 14. It Ain't Easy 15. Uninvited 16. Enchanté (feat. Axl Jack) 17. Look Who's Talking (Remix) 18. Tension (feat. Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Diana Gordon, Anitta & Pabllo Vittar) [Remix] 19. Biscuit (Dave Audé Remix) 20. Uninvited (Freemasons Remix) 21. Enchanté (feat. Axl Jack) [Ereniko Remix] 22. Tension (Jacob Ryvn Remix) BOOKLET AUDIO NEW SONGS ONLY (Audio + Lyrics) Biscuit Uninvited Enchanté (feat. Axl Jack) REMIXES ONLY Retrofuture Records, a division of Warner Music Group © 2018
  8. CAMERON DALLAS VISITS HOT 97 On yesterday's (16) afternoon, Cameron Dallas visited the studios of the #1 Hip-Hop radio Hot 97 in New York, keeping up with the promotion for his new and debut single, "My Boo". In a fan and unpretentious converstation, Cameron talked about the song, about the EP he announced in an interview this week and more. You can listen to the whole interview below! Host: Today we're with someone that used to make us laugh with his Vines and YouTube videos and now he's making us want to cuddle with someone with his first solo song, it's Cameron Dallas! Cameron: Making y'all want to cuddle? That's good! Cuddling is good! (laughs) Host: Yes! "My Boo" is definitely the cuddling theme. I mean, after a year missing bae. Cameron: (laughs) Okay, that's fair. And it's true, that's one of the ideas behind "My Boo". I admire a man that admits he likes to cuddle, that's brave! Host: See, i knew it, man. And yeah, why not tho, you know? (laughs) Man can't cuddle now? Cameron: Well that's how society goes like, apparently man can't be sweet. I love to cuddle. Host: That's true, but thankfully we have men changing this, look at you bro, your debut single is about cuddling with bae! (laughs) Cameron: (laughs) It's one of the ideas! Host: Tell us the other ones. Cameron: "My Boo" is about rebounding, about realizing that this feeling of missing you've been feeling is by missing someone, you know, it's a heart warming song. Host: Damn man, you're a romantic. (laughs) Cameron: Nah, just a bit when i have to! (laughs) Host: You're basically dropping a name off from it. Cameron: Not at all yall (laughs) stop putting words in my mouth! Put a burger, not words. (they all laugh) Host: So besides being on the cover of every magazine out there, you've announced you're dropping an EP soon, is that it? Cameron (laughs): Not every magazine, but almost. Yeah, i'm doing it. I'm still working on it, but yeah, it's an EP. Host: Why not an album? We've heard your label is up for it. Cameron: Yeah, they are. But i don't feel so confident for a full album yet, you know what i mean? I wanna see how it goes with an EP, give it a taste for my fans but also a taste for myself on how's it going, which direction should i go or should i stay and stuff, so yeah. Host: Well, if it goes like "My Boo", we can't wait! Cameron: Thanks, man! Host: Alright everyone, that was Cameron Dallas and this is his new song 'My Boo' available now! Cameron: Go get it! The radio played "No Brainer" and "My Boo" before & after the interview respectively, and the hosts reminded everyone to go get Cameron's single available now.
  9. @Finessé Knowles OMG THE KNOCK YOU DOWN YOU JUST RELEASED WITH KATCHUEPE IS KERI HILSON'S BEST SONG KNOCK YOU DOWN? Asking 'cause you haven't posted the audio and i'll die if it's this song, i love it
  10. CAMERON DALLAS COVERS DAZED MAGAZINE In another (yes, another one) magazine cover, Cameron Dallas covers the new spring issue of the Dazed magazine released this Thursday (16), in a new photoshoot by Columbine Goldsmith. This time clicked on his neighborhood in Los Angeles, Cam poses in some denim & suede casual looks - but still pretty fashion, we must notice - for a new interview to talk about his new musical career, his personal life experiences, and mostly about his journey from conquering the social media and the internet to the next step: conquering the world. The magazine is available now for purchase on printed & digital version.
  11. Ok, after the mess of Twitter locking the account 'cause i was dumb enough to type the wrong birth year and consequently locking a @MDNAInMyRebelHeart email on twitter (i'm sorry again ), here's Shady Facts https://twitter.com/shadyfactcopcal I'll be posting stuff to motivate you gals on working harder, creating fake gossip to help your artists on promo/buzz, compare them and spill some tea. If you want to Shady Facts to start a rumor that might be true or not, DM me or call me on Discord