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  1. I thought you looked up to me, RuPaul, you literaly JUST said you're a huge fan of moi.
  2. Thank you, RuPaul, of course you are! I hope you found a new relationship goal since, you know... kermit swapped me to that girl Deniiiise But it's his lost, his lost. A day in the life of a muppet? Well, you could easily ask Tomi or Abby's daughter, but moi likes RuPaul so moi will answer. It's not much different from everyone else's lives, you know... You wake up with someone putting in your ass and then you go on with your day
  3. Clearly another wannabe from moi! If it’s online, it’s the truth.
  4. PIGGY? Of course you're not, you silly woman! You could never be moi.
  5. So you're the one moi can ask food to? I'd like a cheeseburger please, and a water, to make it healthy. I'm on a diet.
  6. It's been hours moi is here doing this charity thing.
  7. I was asking myself if this was the reading challenge or a roast by reading some of these posts
  8. Hello, Oprah! It must be so good for you to see moi! It seems you forgot the comedy today though.
  9. I hope this doesn’t mean the girls who didn’t do it like this can repost it in the right way replace Joan with the name of the character she’s interacting, for Piggy sakes!!
  10. It seems you know a lot about diseases, let me know when humor-isis hit you! MIC DROP!
  11. Hello, everyone! I know vous know who is moi but i'll say it anyway 'cause i love my name and the impact it has: i'm Miss Piggy, the iconic and the only memorable member from The Muppets. 1. Cornelia may be known for being the fish of the season, but she is also known for wanting to be MOI! But girls, if vous want to get ahead in show business, be original! Unless you’re boring. Or ugly. Or have no talent. Then it’s best to copy someone fabulous like moi. 2. They may say we need drag queens like Chun Li, but what we actually need is lawyers, publicists and film editors! 3. Now the real reason why La Bambi never sent her 2nd runway look is because she knew she would never beat MOI'S fashion. I've been serving you fashion for over 40 porking years! 4. Midngight Wasabi is so hot, she makes my wedding melt. Wasn't this bitch that Kermit switched me for? A uglier younge..., UGLIER version of me? IT'S HIS LOST THO! HIS LOST! 5. Nova China's fashion sense is so obscure she wore PORKCHOP! I WAS ABOUT GIVE A KARATE CHOP ON DAT BITCH 6. Paris D.Lux is so confident, she believes that she will be the first drag queen to be MY ASSISTANT! I love when people do things for me and i know it'd be an honor for her to work for moi! 7. The Dutchess claims she is royalty. However she is simply just a wannabe from moi, but that's imporksible! 8. After the runway, Manila Luzon was caught injecting botox in: what's botox, dear? I don't get older! Years go by and i'm still looking like a sexy piglet. 9. I heard Roxy Laveaux was trying to summon... (Piggy gets a plate of donuts from under her surface) ...backstage. She was even sacrificing... *silence* *Miss Piggy raises her had slowly* 10. BitchKnee has the best knees and IS MY BIGGEST FAN in this competition. I love when people praise moi, they have reasons for that, and i have BILLIONS of fans. Well, i know vous all had a great time having moi! And... Kissy kissy!