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  1. Pathological Narcissism and Paranoia.

  2. Is it only in here that the white background turned gray? :wendyw: on "COP (Default)" theme

  3. Ok bitches, got it! Add me on Discord if you wanna talk to this old hot nanna:

    Bianca Del Rio#1879

    1. kipperskipper


      added you daddy

  4. Ok, now @Ms. Knee convinced me to get on Discord but idk how this shit works

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    2. kipperskipper


      is there a cop group chat? i need more friends to talk to :( 

    3. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      I just created a CAL chat lol but we can make it a new COP discord chat idk

    4. kipperskipper


      omg i want to be added to all

  5. Everytime you stream Cher singing ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)", a new gay is born somewhere in the world.

  6. I've watched Hurricane Bianca 2 today and... i wish i hadn't. :hilaryk: 

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    2. Salvatore


      i know it's not meant to be good, but still...

      :madgebye: oh good goddamn those were some hours i'll never get back

    3. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee

      Link anyone?

    4. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @Ms. Knee It's really bad bb :whereisit: gonna send you a link through twitter

  7. I'm so thankful for this emote 'cause that's basically my reaction to 95% of what i read on COP :cracker:

  8. Happy birthday to one of my bestest and dearest friends on this site. Hope you have a great day:xtinahug:

    1. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @hammer Aww thank you so much bb <3 i love you so much!!

  9. Am i crazy or COP have changed its default font? :wendyw:  'cause i'm pretty sure it's different and i love this new font

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    2. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @KarenFromFinance How do you feel about this? :oprah7: 

    3. KarenFromFinance


      I’m not sure tbh :madgebye: If we could compare it to the old one I’d be able to make a better decision :madgebye: 

    4. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @KarenFromFinance Interesting, i haven't thought about that :oprah7: maybe it's not even this better and i'm just impressed with the change :arisass:

  10. tenor.gif?itemid=8016390

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    2. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @KarenFromFinance What? :wendyw: i was talking about the My Prerogative fragrance commercial that is about to drop

    3. KarenFromFinance


      Yeah but you said "... your latest 5 videos" :wendyw: Or do you mean Britney's last 5 videos? Because Slumber party was that video sis :demilip: 

    4. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      Yeah, i said “your” refering to B10, and its future music videos :wendyw: Ok, except Slumber :wendy44: Make Me, Pretty Girls, Perfume, Work Bitch (we know it’s good but we know it could’ve been better if she didn’t ask to take the sexier scenes) and Ooh La La. :britno:

  11. I will always love Lana's Honeymoon :beybawl: this album is perfect from track 1 to 14 :love: 

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    2. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @kipperskipper All of them :beybawl: but my fave is Salvatore, it's one of my favorite Lana songs of them all

    3. Starboy


      I honestly think it's my favorite :beybawl: it's so underrated 

    4. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      @Starboy confirmed that you have TASTE :beybawl: 

  12. Oh :cracker: it all makes sense now

  13. God Is A Woman and i'm snatched :snatched2:

  14. Hi sis :wendyw: is your username a reference to the legendary and iconic 15 years Neon Nights by Dannii Minogue? I think it is 'cause your profile pic is Kylie but it's so surreal to find another Dannii fan that i have to ask :deadbanana: 

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    2. neonnights


      Omg same! I’ve been bopping to it all weekend. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling is one of my all time fave songs :britjam:

      When I registered and made my introduction post, I was gonna put that I stanned Dannii too but I didn’t think people would know who she was cause I’ve only ever met one other Dannii fan in my entire life :demicry:

      Ugh I’m glad you recognized the reference! :wendy27:

    3. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      And they wouldn't really know :beybawl: Welcome to COP sis, remember you're not a lone at the Danniifanbase :hug: 

    4. life13swift


      Omg I love Kylie's sister. She makes nice remixes I stream her little :)